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Intel dg1 spotted 768 cores 3gb vram

Recent Intel to the graphic card market has been recently seen in the Sisoft Sandra database. The DG1 graphics card lists 768 core with up to 1.5 GHz and 3 GB VRAM. It is rumored

DG1 to reflect some of the specifications of Intel Tiger Lake with 96 units of execution that will bring 768 cores.

4 GB of on-board memory, this card is finally noted towards the input level products. This has a complete meaning as the integrated mobile chip converted into desktop graphics units.

Intel DG1 has a core of XELP graphics with a total of 960 unified nuclei already found that the method.

Now we know that this card has been developed yet, still with the objective of the players. This card can challenge the important products of AMD or NVIDIA, but it will definitely begin to make an emergence in the business market.

We know that there is another version of this card directed to the player. It is likely that this will bring higher levels of VRAM and work with higher nuclei and clock speed numbers.

In that current format, Intel DG1 has a total of 1.9 power, which circumuse the performance of the original PlayStation 4. If you can achieve some VR games of minimum specification on this card, any of them can be a wonderful news.

We have seen the release of the DG1 graphics card for at least several months at this point. If these specifications are improved before the final release is seen. Continue reviewing here with WEPC that you use the latest technology and the news of the game.

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