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Intel cpu market growth steam hardware survey

It's no secret that Intel and AMD have been fighting head-on in the processor market. For some time now, it seems that AMD has accelerated and is ready to take the majority of Intel's market share. However, a recent survey emphasized that Intel is fighting back in the PC gaming market.

Steam's latest hardware survey posted some interesting information. It appears that Intel is regaining market share with regards to processor usage.

In March, Intel's share of the CPU market increased from 78.2% to 81.25%. Although this is not a huge increase, these numbers cause many of us to reexamine everything, and they are very impressed with AMD's progress in recent years.

This also means that AMD's market share has dropped to 18.75%, which may disappoint AMD fans and shareholders.

Steam survey results show that users have moved away from more powerful processors, such as processors that can reach 3.7 GHz or higher. On the contrary, more and more users are using CPUs with clock frequencies of 3 GHz and lower.

Could this be because people dug up old Intel laptops during the COVID19 quarantine? Or is it just a sign of the times when people don't have the money to buy top-notch CPUs?

You may also see an increase in the use of Intel integrated graphics products. For example, Intel HD Graphics 4000 with DirectX 11 increased by 2.95% and Intel HD Graphics 3000 with DirectX 10 increased by 2.78%.

Judging from these stats and the trend toward low-power CPUs, it appears that more and more people are using laptops to access Steam this month.

This seems to reflect the current trend of increasing purchases of laptops, which makes sense, because many people are forced to work from home, and laptops are a practical solution. With so many people working from home, it is natural that some of them will enjoy some well-deserved rest time to play. Another interesting statistic in the

survey shows that Intel’s growth on Linux is 1.23%, which seems to reflect the previous point: many people are using work laptops to log in to Steam.

The number of people logging into Steam in March hit a record high. It looks like this trend will continue for weeks or months as we are looking for a solution to the boredom during the quarantine period.

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