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Intel core i9 990ks benchmark

According to a Redditor user, he obtained an early model of Intel’s powerful Core i99900KS from a Czech online retailer for less than 600.00 euros last week. The chip can be achieved by simply using a fan instead of liquid cooling. Up to 5.2 GHz speed. Although the

is the fastest commercial CPU in the world, the

is an impressive feat. It lists Intel’s upcoming high-end CPUs as a coveted position and becomes an overclocker who desires extremely fast clock speeds. Chip of choice.

Since the 5.2 GHz speed has not been confirmed and is anecdotal rather than conclusive evidence, we need to invest a lot of salt in the mix and manage our expectations. Although the leaker produced what appears to be the real Intel branded packaging, Cinebench screenshots, and convincing descriptions of the results for the Core i99900KS.

Going into the details, Redditor uses the Noctua NH D15 CPU cooler with two NFA15 140mm PWM fans and a relatively pedestrian 2666MHz DDR4 RAM. I admit that Redditor is not fully proficient in the meticulous art of overclocking. However, it uses 1.36 V in the Cinebench R20 benchmark utility to reach 5.2 GHz on all eight cores. The

Cinebench R20 stress test scored 5,356. Considering that the unoverclocked i99900K will ensure a slightly lower 4,984 before reaching 5,266 when overclocked to 5 GHz, this is not impressive. The

CPU cooler can keep the temperature below 83 degrees Celsius when the average temperature is 75 degrees Celsius during the 20-minute continuous test of the Prime95 small 16-wire FFT.

In terms of games, Redditor also tested with GTA Online. The CPU reached 5.01 GHz, the load was 15%, and the temperature was 57 degrees Celsius.

is even more interesting that a relatively novice can achieve such amazing speeds, when experienced veterans master the Intel Core i99900KS to their users, this opens up the possibility of higher clock speeds. . And equipped with better additional hardware, especially RAM.

If the test is real, and in fact based on screenshots and results, then Intel's claim that all cores reach 5 GHz is correct. We shouldn't have much time to find out, because Intel is said to be releasing the Core i99900KS before the end of this month, so it will be released anytime during the next two weeks.

For those who wish to benefit from this first version, the list of the Czech online store has been removed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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