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Intel core i9 10990 xe where to buy

The new Intel i9 10990xE processor will be a flagship of the CPU range and replaces the current I9 10980xe with the top place.

We do not know much about the CPU, but it seems that it has a much greater number of cores and a high clock speed than the previous 10980xe model.

The filtered data indicates that I9 10990xe has 22 cores and 44 yarns. The speed of the clock is approximately 4.0 GHz with a base clock, and the BOST clock is 5.0 GHz. The reference number

is also characterized in that it becomes a 32 KB L1 cache and a L2 cache 1 MB for each nucleus. In addition to that, it will be a shared L3 cache of 30.25 MB.

If you are interested in buying this processor when released, there are many different retailers to choose from. However, we are trying to list the easiest things to buy this CPU in different countries, depending on where it is based on what location.

i9 10990 When XE was launched, re-examine this page and update the list on a link to verify that you know where you know where the location of the CPU is known. Of course, this list is not a definitive thing, and there are many other options of retailers from each country. He asks us to prepare for us, but add the link of a retailer and add it. Please inform the comments section below.

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