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Intel core i9 10900k rumoured to be 30 faster than the 9900k

Recently, we have heard a lot of rumors about Intel's next-generation Comet Lake processors.

However, a new rumor has begun, triggered by allegedly leaked Intel documents, which can show us the performance of Intel's flagship CPU: i910900K. The

file was revealed by a member of the Weibo forum, which first attracted the attention of Tom Hardware. The document seems to show that the speed and performance of the Intel i910900K is increased by 30% compared to the predecessor 9900K.

As you can see from the Mebiu picture on Weibo above, the performance forecast has benchmark comparisons from Cinebench, SYSmark, SPEC and XPRT. SPEC results show the largest performance improvement (30 mm), while some other speed improvements are slightly more moderate. Cinebench issued a 26% salary increase.

However, as this is still a leak and rumor, we have not received any confirmation from Intel that the above statistics are correct.

From what we have seen from Intel so far and through such leaks, Intel seems to be pushing Comet Lake's clock speed further than ever. We recently heard that 10900K will be able to reach a turbo clock speed of 5.1 GHz, and it will be interesting to see if this is true.

We may learn more about it from Intel later this year, possibly during CES 2020. We will of course make sure to keep you informed of any other news and confirmations we hear during this period.

Some people speculate that we can see the first release of these new Intel chips in April this year. Given that AMD is preparing to compete fiercely with its Ryzen 3000 and 4000 processors, it is good to see Intel release these chips soon.

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