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Intel core i7 leak matches amd 4000 renoir performance

A new leak benchmark indicates that the 10nm Intel Core i71165G7 CPU will provide higher performance than the leak that emerged last week initially suggested.

As we all know, the leak came from a well-known miner _Rogame. In addition to sharing benchmark results, he also compared them to AMD's Ryzen 4000 APU.

Intel Core i71165G7 is a 10+ nm chip with Willow Cove architecture and Intel Xe graphics. Based on the benchmark test captured in 3DMark 11, the CPU base clock speed is 2.8 GHz and the boost clock speed is 4.4 GHz, which is slightly lower than the astonishing 4.7 GHz of In the past week. The

Intel Core i71165G7 scored 11879 points in the 3DMark 11 physical test and 6873 points in the graphics test. The total score stabilized at 7370 points.

If we look at this alongside last week's leak, we will find that CPU performance has increased significantly by 50%, and GPU Xe front end performance has increased by 10%. Next to the Core i71065G7, we expect a 25% increase in CPU performance and a 50% increase in GPU performance.

As for the direct competitor AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir chip, AMD's Ryzen 7 4800U slightly leads with 11,917 points. AMD's CPU with eight cores and sixteen threads is better than the Core i71165G7 with four cores and eight threads.

In terms of graphics performance, the Core i71165G7 leads AMD's Vega graphics by approximately 13% in the same 3DMark graphics test. Xe graphics are even better than NVIDIA's independent MX 350 GPU.

In the size of AMD Ryzen 7 4700U, the situation is similar. Intel chip leads only 15% in CPU performance and more than a quarter in graphics performance. The

leak shows that early engineering samples usually do not explain the whole situation. The latest leak provides a more realistic picture of what Intel's next-generation chips will offer when they land on laptops later this year.

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