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Intel core i5 10400 i7 9700f benchmarks

Although Intel eventually lifted the embargo on the 10th Gen Comet LakeS desktop processor, official performance data is not the case. Of course, a lot of speculation and rumors fly through the sky. Hardware leaker @momomo_us recently discovered a leak on Chinese video site Bilibili. In the leaked benchmark,

found the performance data of the new Intel Core i510400 and compared it to the other two processors, Core i59400F and Core i79700F. The

processor has been tested in many different games, including Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Grand Theft Auto 5. They also passed regular rounds of testing through 3DMark Time Spy, wPrime 2.1, PCMark 10, CineBench R15, etc. The

benchmark showed some interesting results. As expected, Core i79700F outperforms Core i510400 in thread-heavy applications. However, in terms of games, Core i5 can almost rival i7.

This is not surprising, because most games are not highly threaded. They are usually based on the powerful performance of a single core. However, the Core i510400 does not actually have more cores than the 9th generation Core i59400F it is replacing.

So, where does the performance improvement that brings it closer to the new Core i7 come from? The main difference between the

and the 9th-generation chip is that the new Core i5 processor benefits from a 200 MHz maximum turbo clock boost, and the 9MB cache has been increased to 12MB and hyperthreading has been added. This means that the processor can handle 12 threads at the same time (more than the 6 threads provided by the Core i59400F).

You can see the leaked specs for the following three chips. Chapter

There is no final conclusion at the moment, and nothing is static. However, if these numbers turn out to be accurate, some people may reconsider whether their systems require Core i7.

The 10th Gen Core i5 is so strong in gaming that it is undoubtedly a more attractive option for those who want to save a bit of money.

If we hear more details about the new Comet LakeS processor, especially performance data, we will make sure to keep you updated.

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