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Intel comet lake xeon w details revealed

In the last three weeks, I have been lucky enough to use the new prototype miniITX gaming PC: Comino OTTO Master PC. Cumin kindly sent us his first engineering sample, so there are strange processing marks, but what beautiful gaming equipment!

Comino focuses on server-grade liquid cooling components and dense prebuilt liquid cooling systems. This European-based company has over 15 years of extensive experience and is rapidly growing and expanding in the gaming market. The liquid-cooled

server brand launched "OTTO" because they found a niche in the market for small gaming PCs. They think this area is still intact due to its limitations, but they think it is challenging and they just want to explore it.

When we get a pre-installed computer for testing, we approach it the same way every time. This engineering sample was sent from Comino, but this does not mean that you will receive any special treatment when completing its steps.

We always start with benchmarking various games, using average FPS scores with different resolutions and settings. To give us a clearer understanding of the gaming PC's capabilities, we also looked at how it handles CPU-intensive tasks, including tasks like rendering and streaming. As the system is completely water-cooled, we will also push its components to theoretical limits by overclocking the system to its listed functions.

Here are the full specifications for this prebuilt product and the exact content provided by "OTTO MASTER":

Generally, when we talk about company-made PCs, we think of general prebuilt systems flooding the market. Now there are actually very few systems similar in appearance to the Comino OTTO, and this was even before we got into the water-cooling topic. The design of this mini version of the

is unique. Its custom case looks very futuristic, and due to its perforated side panels, it is less than 1 million miles from the old desktop Mac. The custom water tank covers the entire front of the PC and is cut to match the concave shape of the chassis. res is translucent, so you can see the coolant inside, and everything is backlit by the included RGB lights.

We have Comino OTTO Master, which is their high-end product, equipped with Intel Core i99900K and RTX 2080 Ti. It's safe to say that even without overclocking any component, we have seen excellent results in all tests and in all games.

This design is one of the best I have seen: efficient, simple and amazing. The whole device looks very personalized and it is a device that will not look out of place next to the TV in the living room or on the desk at home. The main point of discussion for the

design is the engineering behind the installation of all these powers in such a small chassis. They could have made it smaller, but they didn't want to compromise on the cooling effect. Although this machine is small, it can be placed vertically or horizontally, like a console. OTTO has a base that can hold it vertically and accommodate I / O ports, and there is an extra translucent plastic underneath that can support it horizontally.

They have some concepts in their work, but what people like the most is the resolution of the front curve, I have to say that I am glad they took this path. The main feature is that this beautifully cut convex sink is almost completely smooth, except for the company logo engraved in the middle.

I always like the magnet auxiliary side panel on any PC case; however, the side panel of the OTTO PC is not hinged. Both panels are fixed in place with neodymium magnets, and the panels can be easily broken and reconnected without tools. In addition, the 2mm thick aluminum panel is perforated, allowing you to peek inside and let the accompanying RGB strips shine, making the build very beautiful.

Now is the time to discuss the main features of the Comino OTTO PC. Of course, the function and design are closely related to this pre-made mini, so let's talk more about what's inside.

As the brand will tell you, OTTO is one of the few customizable liquid-cooled gaming PCs in this form factor that can fit a full-size GPU. The GPU and CPU are water-cooled, but the system has a full-deck water-cooled block. In addition to the main components, VRM, South Bridge, and m.2 storage are covered. The

GPU is actually fixed on the backplate with screws, and Comino uses a custom-designed PCIe x16 riser to save space. The riser board uses Molex gold-plated connectors and flexible Twinax cables to reposition the GPU without losing signal. These are the same lifts used by the company and its servers, and the component is actually available on the website (in bulk).

A key factor in its ability to make something so small and generate so much heat is the warped cut. This proprietary technology is used in the design of the copper plate to basically transfer more heat. OTTO can remove up to 720W of heat from the CPU, MOBO and GPU. The

deformation process allows Comino to increase the surface area of the copper plate to 12 times. This process is more effective than scraping and the heat transfer efficiency is 10 times that of a smooth surface. We overclocked the machine for testing and will discuss the results later to understand how the smaller form factor can cope. Chapter

In Short, There Is

The i99900K CPU is the only multi-threaded process provided. Although its single-core performance is still king, multi-threading lags behind AMD's latest Ryzen CPU series.

Interestingly, the result is less than 1 million miles away from the 6-core/12-thread AMD Ryzen 5 3600 we tested in the pre-built iBUYPOWER review. In any case, any gamer who wants to do some heavy work (such as rendering) can do it, but you may want to continue playing games on this platform.

This is an excellent gaming PC. With its specifications, there is a lot of potential for streaming. Performance fluctuates based on the name of the game you stream to your Twitch channel, but with some of the best components on the market, you will have almost no problems.

Since OTTO PC is completely water-cooled, we think we should push the system further. Now, the CPU can run at a speed of 5.0GHz, and has a good cooling solution (we have), and the graphics card can go further. Before things became unstable/overheated, we ran our ROG Strix 2080 Ti with an additional 150MHz on the clock and increased the VRAM by 500MHz.

Let's make some comparisons with the OC`d system.

As you can see, it produced some performance improvements, increasing or decreasing 10 FPS on all the games we tested. We could have gone further, but when we reached 80 degrees, we felt that if it were ours, we would leave it. If you think this is a 13-liter case with a limited amount of coolant, the results are really impressive.

At WePC, our goal is to allow more people to go there to build their own computers. However, this time around, I think we have a pre-built gaming PC competitor. Now this is expensive so it's already aimed at the smaller segment of the PC gaming market, but when you consider its function and cost, it's easy.

No matter where you shop, the predesigned system will always be dialed in. The main difference between this and OTTO PC is its smaller size, custom design and water cooling. When you consider this, there are not many custom PC creators that come close to its value, because the main competitor Corsair One is still far away. The

Comino brand is different from other brands in that they will sell you the basics of this version, so you can create your own dream machine with the budget that best suits your needs. Astonishing.

Various OTTO PC options are now available for pre-order in the Comino store. After seeing this happen, one thing that impressed me was the value of this specific pre-designed computer. If we adopt Corsair One's advanced gaming product i160, I have no doubt that Comino OTTO is the most valuable. Of course, there is a brand, but when you consider customizing this mini beauty, it just makes me want to vote my next salary to Cominos.

The retail price of our Intel-based OTTO MASTER here is US $ 3,599 and the recommended retail price of AMD-based SUPER is US $ 2,099. The suggested retail price of the lower "DIY" option (chassis, resolution, riser, rad, RGB strip, and optional pump) is $ 449, with the latter being the "build version." In addition to the main components, you can also The MSRP of everything in it is $ 1,049.

Idle OTTO host is pretty quiet, but when pushed to the limit, you want the fan to dissipate heat, so it's naturally loud. This is the only negative factor I can think of when using this gaming PC. It's great! The build quality of the

is very good and the small design options can go a long way. For example, I like the power button in the logo on the side panel and the way the USBC works. The whole machine is well thought out. The

compressed consumer hardware looks so good in a small 13-liter chassis. When you consider its value, this must be one of the best MiniITX pre-builts I have seen.

Cumin, can you eat it?

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