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Intel comet lake s z490 motherboards unveiled

There is good news there to call fans. Recent leaks from the Reddit user revealed the information of a simple fault.

New failures during work: Modern war acquired a player in a mysterious Wallerzon lobby that he believes the user is for a real long-term battle mode.

The image of the main menu is captured and revealed. In the image, there seems to be an option for weapons, operators and weapons.

Another image that has been captured seems to indicate that Warzon can customize the new coincidence. Although it does not know whether the same article will still be available, this is similar to how standard reducers work on a call for obligations.

This revealed a Royal Battle Map that has arrived after Graying last year and some users can even explore. So imagine that we can not spend a lot of time before receiving a full version of this game mode.

Interestingly, it seems that Ward Infinity adds the "classified" mode to the main menu, with the update of season 2 to the last war. At the same time, Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode, Game mode believes on the exhibition of the WILD film, season 2 thinks.

Another image seems to indicate a key art for the duty: Werason, however, this is copyright and with copyright by activation and can show it.

This is an exciting news for the Fans of Call of Duty, who have expected the actual battle modes for a while. Of course, the information at this time is vague and only takes place in a filtered image. I can not check anything yet, but it seems that it is definitely happening in the future. As always, we will continue to update them with new information that we see in service and in Fouple Battle Royale mode.

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