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Intel comet lake s series pricing specs revealed

By calling the last right is praised by critics as one of the best things about the franchise, but recently comes from fanatic to fans who want to reuse their hard drive space. This is because two separate patches live on April 28.

These two patches were combined in updates of 12 GB and unloading a single path that covered 18GB DLC. This is required to download the player to play the game. As a result, the total size of the call of the modern warm player of duty on the PC is around 180 GB, which bears the total size for the console player around 186 GB. For the game, it is definitely the size of strong file.

Players are too happy to understand the games in understanding. The game player downloaded WERRASON can trim the size of the general download, but the console player who enjoys the full experience of Cod MW is currently a standard hardware of the console that is filled with titles has approximately half of the unit.

Players already like to say their complaints, the infinite room came out, and the latest cardboard update (50 GB) must be published on the player, is great, help to download future download is smaller and few spaces . And while 32 GB is smaller than the previous update, it is almost not considered small when looking at the general size of the game. Actually, in reality, the call of modern war, while it works, is two or more of the size of Star Wars Batterfront 2, when it started for the first time for the console, all Battlefront updates, size after 2 It approaches twice. About 100 GB.

A new download combines the functionality of the patch and DLC and combines

. If the service call occupies a console or PC hard room, there is a theoretical theory that there is little space to store other games, it means a commitment of players Highest in cod. There is a high possibility of cancellation of Microtransmark.

Another theory is that COD developers are very good and suffer from optimizing files and compression, or suffered. Online Forums, I think the Ward Infinity file is handled and "sloppy" label, and can do a better job regarding the size of these updates.

Infinity Ward does not even explain why the game has exceeded the first 175 GB, but it is recommended that the player hold it aside for the game, why in the future more I am excited if you can occupy space? Think you need to update your game to the current version to play the game online.

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