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Later this month, eager gamers will be able to apply for early access to Microsoft's ambitious new flight simulator. This is the first major entry for Microsoft's Flight Series Simulator since Flight Simulator X in 2006, so it is understandable that fans of flight simulators are very excited about its upcoming version.

With the update to the current Alpha version, Microsoft announced that the closed beta version will be released on July 30. Current participants of closed Alpha will automatically register for the Beta, and anyone who wishes to register can follow these instructions to register.

Although highly technical simulation of all the complex physics and nuances of aircraft control is the key to making an excellent flight simulator, on the surface, one of the most striking elements of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is its beauty degree. this is. Watch the movement. This is not the most beautiful game. Obviously they pursue authenticity and precision first, but when you fly through the air, the calm and tranquility capture the beauty of flying. The lighting, advanced weather simulation, attention to detail on the earth's surface, and the precision of the aircraft's appearance and movement really set it apart from any flight simulator of the past. Of course, these surface elements are not the most important aspect of the flight simulator, but they may appeal to new players who have used the flight simulator before, but are drawn to the exquisite demonstrations here. The Flight Simulator

team collected a lot of feedback during Alpha development, and player notes and bug reports were resolved to some extent through a large list of changes made in the latest update on the simulator blog. Of flight. There is also a wonderful video screen and screenshots taken during the test, showing how this game is not only an effective tool to learn to fly an airplane, but also a way to participate in some virtual tours, where you can see it in a very safe in your own home to the world.

If you are passionate about flight simulators and want to return to them in the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we have published detailed system requirements here. If you want to update your platform specifically for flight, please go to our build The guide gets tips on how to get started.

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