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If you're new to the platform, the term "clip" (see Twitch) can get a bit confusing. Many presenters ask out loud "Can anyone edit it?" After playing "nasty games" or funny jokes, which makes many people confused about what they are saying. In fact, all they ask is someone to make a short video for a specific part of their broadcast, allowing you (or the host) to use it as a mini video collection.

Although this may seem like a technical process, it is actually very simple. In the guide below, we'll show you in detail how to edit on the Twitch finale with some frequently asked questions we get related to this topic.

So there are still many things to experience, let's not waste time sneaking into it!

Although there are several different ways to reduce Twitch, our method will involve logging into Twitch in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Although the trim function was initially limited to the associated channels, it was later changed to allow all channels to use this cool little feature.

Let's start with the method:


First load Twitch in your default browser. When you log in, just load your favorite streamer and wait a few minutes.

You must let time pass, because you can't cut off what you didn't see with your own eyes.


After watching the broadcast for a few minutes, just hover over the video and click the clip icon. This is in the lower right corner of the video and looks like a movie partition.

Alternatively, you can press ALT + X, which will also turn on the trim function.


In the trim function, it will automatically trim the last 60 seconds of the broadcast you are watching. At this stage, you can move and trim the clip to the specific part you want to highlight.

At this stage, Twitch allows you to add a title to the clip as a requirement for publishing this clip.


All that is left to do is to publish your clip. Do this by clicking on the post tab next to the title box.

At this point, you can download the clip by pressing the "Export" or "Download" button on the screen.

That's all. You have successfully created a "clip" or highlight of some interesting action from one of your favorite broadcasts. Now you can share this clip with your friends and show them what they missed! In the last 10 years, 4,444 mobile phones have become a major part of social media and many people choose to watch all of Twitch on their phones or tablets. Fortunately, you can still use both devices to create great clips, as simple as the browser method.

The editing method on a mobile phone is almost the same as that of a browser; just follow the steps above to get the same result. You may need to touch the screen while watching your favorite streamer to bring up the menu. However, once the menu is opened, the method is almost the same.

One of the main reasons for creating clips is to share with friends. However, to do this, you must learn how to share clips on Twitch. Fortunately, the process is very simple.

After creating a new clip, Twitch will take you to the preview page to make sure the clip is correct. On that particular screen, users can choose to download, upload to social media, and share the clip's link with friends. It is easy.

Learn how to change your name on Twitch here.

When the clip is out of date or irrelevant to its content, you can delete the clip you made at any time. The process is quite simple and only requires a few steps.

You must navigate to Creator Dashboard> Content> Clips. Here, you can select the clips you want to delete. Just select them and hit the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm the operation and then your clip will be deleted.

You know, our quick guide on how to edit on Twitch. The process is very simple and allows you to capture highlights that would otherwise be missed. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to stop commenting in the section below. Even better, you can go to our community center, where you can discuss all things Twitch with like-minded people.

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