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Intel ceo says too much focus on benchmarks

It was often a Golden Age of JRPGS, and the 16-bit era of Supanintendy was an important moment in the formation of the JRPG genre in a symbolic series as a Final Fantasy Breath, Dragon Quest and Fire. During this time, all the series have been deeply established in a strong identity and an international fanatic. More than

o'clock at editors, Square was one of the most frequent publishers of RPG of Japan, before fusion with Enix. They had many huge and successful games successful as the secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and, of course, an association for Super Mario RPG.

But not all games between them. In particular, there was a lot of the game that was not the international player for several reasons. Maybe due to the cost of the regionalization process, it is a different game because it was not a sale that has been attacked outside of Japan, or probably JRPG is not a sale that was attacked outside of Japan at that time, the manufacturing game cartridge And sent. At that time there was only always. It was released for the Japanese market.

There are several gifts. Everyday Square Enix look at the back catalog and ask what kind of game is suitable for a new international re-registration. There were Setsu 3 of Sekenden, known as Mana's mana test, which was originally released outside of Japan. In the same way, Romance Saga 3 was released from Japan for the first time last year.

Is the next 16-bit classic RPG of the deceived square? I think it will make a pretty safe bet. In the databases of the Australian registered trademarks, we found that Squarenix presented a registered trademark of "Live A Live". I think they did not plan that people notice that they noticed. This has a total meaning to translate for international audiences for the game, it is many in the same category as a game like Mana and Romance Saga 3 Trials. It was not a country that speaks English in the past, but it was not possible.

is a joint RPG, for each chapter, for each chapter, with different characters for each chapter and has different points of view and unique features of the history of implementation. If it is also historically important in association, the first game that worked as supervision before it was expected that Chrono Triggerger was the best JRPG of that was, if not so far, it is the first game that coincided with the best JRPG of that era. At Live A Live, you live a life You can see some species of ideas related to Chrono's triggers in Live A Live, not a sophisticated praise as Chrono Singing.

We can imagine that Squarenix on the current Sunday is interested in taking global live. This is a genre that is good today, which is also good today, but that also soaked. There are many players who enjoyed classics for the first time, but I had to make a translation patch to play Japanese games, or I just missed it with a specific title. There are more new players who live during the 90s, but if they are easy to access in some modern digital communications, it can still kick from classic games. Classical games reorders are not difficult to imagine that it is a good way to try the water before making a more ambitious series in the series.

This is quite far from being officially confirmed. It can also be an irrelevant project or probably for a sequel. Please, look more about this to happen.

Update: Trademarks also in Europe.

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