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After last week (and so far the most watched giveaway in the form of Grand Theft Auto V), the Epic Game Store is only giving away the excellent Sid Meier's Civilization 6 from Fixaxis Games for free this week.

Although "Civilization 6" does have a decline in the most popular games (again, only a few games can match GTA V at best), there is nothing to laugh at at any stage of the game. Imagination. Since the launch of weekly freebies at the end of 2018, "Civilization 6" has easily become one of Epic's best games for players.

Civilization 6 may be about to celebrate its fourth birthday, but it is still one of the most comprehensive turn-based strategy games of all time. There are some impressive comment scores to support this. In addition, Fixaxis spared no effort to ensure that the game is still flooded with updates and DLC to this day, so not only is there a large amount of content, but also of high standards.

Just like any other gift from the Epic Games Store, you just need to create an account in the store, go to the Civilization 6 listing in the Epic store, and claim it. Note that Epic recently implemented some jumping features to improve user account security - if you want to buy one of the free games, you must now use 2FA.

As for all the important questions about the deadline to receive the game, "Civilization 6" is free from now until next Thursday, May 28 at 11 AM PST.

If the recently leaked screenshots of Epic giveaways in the coming weeks are acceptable, there's more. The leak suggests Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is next, followed by Ark: Survival Evolved just a week later. This is not a bad lineup, especially considering that they have absolutely no cost.

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