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Intel announces major leadership shake up

CineBench is a cross-test suite that is used especially to test the efficiency and performance of the CPU and the GPU. Even if you are criticized by Tech Giants Intel, you decide that thousands of people still use cinebench as their main test suite. But what exactly does your cinebench score mean?

The following article describes everything you need to know about Cinebench. It also explains how to use your system to test.

Well, let's see in detail how cinebench R15 works without ADO.

Cinebench is one of the main test software suites for lovers seeking CPU and GPU landmarks. The test scenario is intended to help use all the processing power of the system by representing a generated 3D CG scene. The Suite

can be used to test the CPU and GPU users have an option to compare the CPU in a CPU and a multi-core scenario. The test itself carries out several representation requirements. This is carefully selected to push the components to a very limit limit. All graphic areas are pushed, sharp edges, blurred reflections, shadows, procedural and anti-aliasing shades are used within the test scenario. At the end of the test

, Cinebench produces a score according to the amount of hardware processed the test. In the suite itself, Cinebench shows the location (approximate) that is classified among others CPU / GPU. This gives you the first idea of how much the system is located. See

pic. As you can see in the test photo in

, our 3900X has been rated pretty high at a multicolored benchmark. It puts us at the top of the list and shows powerful instructions that are only stronger than the alternative CPU. EN

, then, what is the correct cinebench score? All you know if your CPU can break with another, but do I know if I have a good score for the game? What happens if you want to do centralized CPU tasks such as 3D animation and representation?

Yes, do not worry, we intend to explore the score you should be looking to get several different scenarios.

So let's get it. Start with game

. The game can be a fairly severe task, in most cases, which requires a high performance from the unique core of the CPU. For less intensive games, I recommend looking for a CPU with a single-core score in section 160. About the title of the most demanding AAA game, it will be our GOTO every 200 or more. I7 9700K (a great CPU for games) Get 212 ratings. Your GPU plays the strongest role in driving the frame rate, so keep in mind when buying the next processor. For

work tasks, it is always recommended to look for an excellent multi-Coal CPU score. In recent years, AMD Ryzen's alignment is a GOTO processor for a high-application workflow. This is thanks to its impressive levels of multi-core performance. As seen in the following table, the AMD processor is quite dominant in the scores of several nuclei.

Finally, if you are seeing the office work and a general email, the scores of more than 200 will be more than your needs. If you want more demanding tasks, such as video editing, it recommends something in the 20003000 region. The most severe things are found for more than 4,000.

In my head, let's easily see uptodate reference results for today's CPU.

You must step on what you have described in the last section and use this table to make a better-known decision to buy the next CPU. In addition, you can use this as a reference point for your own CPU test, make sure your CPU is successful.

We touch this early, but let's make a little more for those who are familiar with the differences of a single core and multiple performance.

If you are trying to make some games of light and a great representation, understand what you need from your CPU is a very important step towards your next update. A great CPU game and a wonderful "work task", there is a very clear difference between the CPU.

Finally, the answer is quite easy. If you are looking for a new CPU game, get what you have a high performance of a single core. Alternatively, if you need a CPU from a critical workflow scenario, select a new CPU with high multi-core performance.

Singlecore performance refers to how one of the nuclei (configure CPU) works on itself. Cinebench pushes this core to limit to determine how to handle the scenarios. The decent score of Singlecore is 170 or later.

Thinking about the CPUs of the game, we usually think about what provides a high performance of the unique core. It is because many games are optimized to take advantage of a large number of nuclei. Taking into account the construction of play trigges, the performance of a single core of the CPU is one of the most important areas of study. However, the GPU remains the amount of components when driving the frame rate.

As we go to the 21st century, the game is designed to use more centers. Games such as Wicher 3 can use a large number of cores and mean that multi-core CPU is much more desirable. It should be considered below to ensure a secure task of

CPU and GPU harmony. What does that mean, because your GPU is simply neck by the processor, you can not park the low score CPU and the best scoring GPU? If you confirm that the CPU and the GPU coincide equally, it is confirmed that the overall performance of the game is the highest.

It has become very, very close now.

As can be seen from the figure above, Intel still dominates the single-core performance benchmark, and has been for the past 10 years. In recent years, AMD has come close, especially its impressive Ryzen CPU range, but still a bit behind Intel in this department. However, the AMD advantage lies in the multi-core performance benchmarks.

AMD has always been known for its high multi-core performance; this performance does not appear to decrease in the short term. Its latest products include the Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X, which currently demonstrate some of the best levels of power consumption performance of any CPU available today.

So there you have it, our full Cinebench R15 roundup, and how the score affects your next purchase. Hope this article makes it easier for you to understand the software.

Ultimately, Cinebench scores should be considered but not relied upon. Depending on what you do with your PC, the Cinebench score may be a bit irrelevant. Make sure you understand your needs first, and then do proper research on your system needs before purchasing an upgrade.

Anyway, if you have any further questions on this matter, please leave us a message. We also have our community center where you can discuss similar topics with like-minded people!

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