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Intel adds to the core i9 family with 8 core 9900ks cpu

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU and other Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards are becoming more affordable in the Chinese Internet market. Read below to learn more!

The Chinese government's crackdown on cryptocurrency miners has continued to increase. Although the application is still uneven across the country, some areas ban mining and make surprise inspections of mining operations. Others just put pressure on companies and institutions not to deal with them. Cryptocurrencies and generally condemn them. That. One of the areas where law enforcement is lax in the country is Sichuan, where many miners have moved there as a result.

Seeing that the end of mining is approaching, many Sichuan miners have begun to sell their equipment as much as possible, while the price remains high (although the price of NVIDIA GPUs continues to fall). This includes laptops (including the RTX 3060 MaxQ version that costs about $1,000), complete desktops and graphics cards, especially Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs. The lowest reported price ever for the RTX 30 series GPU is a second-hand RTX 3060, which is equivalent to $270 (listed as 1,760 yen) on the cryptocurrency website The Block.

Of course, buying second-hand GPUs used by crypto miners has its risks.

We would definitely recommend caution when buying any second-hand graphics card, but given that a large number of cheap graphics cards from China are almost certainly used for encryption mining, additional caution is required.

In the end, any graphics card used for crypto mining purposes will be under greater pressure than a GPU used only for games, because it is made to run 24 hours a day, using most of its processing power, almost uninterrupted. This means that it must be assumed that any second-hand GPUs previously used by crypto miners have had a significant impact on their longevity, and their performance may also decrease.

If you buy one of these cards, please try to make sure it comes from a reputable seller, it is covered by some form of return policy on the website you purchased, and the product picture you see (assuming you can) is 1 . Genuine and 2. No obvious signs of damage or wear. However, in the final analysis, unless you use it for a long time, you may never know to what extent the performance of the GPU has degraded, buying such a card is always a risky measure.

We cannot guarantee that you will find products that are as cheap as old second hand mining GPUs, but check out our RTX 3060 buy location page and other RTX 30 series buy location pages below for the best chance to get a new Nvidia. graphics card:

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