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If you've ever imagined flying a hawk armed to the teeth in the sky of a gloomy water world, then the Falcon may be your best option.

is developed by modderturned developer Tomas Sala and released by Wired Productions. The Falconeer is a "fantasy role-playing game from the air and ocean world" that will land on PC and Xbox One later this year. There is currently no word on the determination of the release window, but there are rumors that it could be released in November.

The Falconeer takes the player to a magnificent fantasy world, which is full of wonderful places, called Ursee's Adventure Tour. There are acrobatic third-person combat, warring factions, and elusive secrets hidden beneath the waves. As the name suggests, you can control an eagle with a huge wingspan, which can launch rapid attacks on various other creatures and air planes from a distance, while performing dazzling twists and turns.

A new story trailer has been released. Let us take a sneak peek and give us a glimpse of some of the narrative rhythms that underpin the fascinating world of "Falconer". Mainly, the trailer reveals Seachantress (as far as I know, she is a cold interpretation of the classic fairy godmother metaphor), she will guide players through Ursee adventure, while leaving important clues about the secrets of the world. The

trailer also includes a new game screen from the opening chapter of The Falconeer, which shows the nominal falconer’s challenge to pirates and airships. It also briefly introduces the water cannons that engulf the game world, and the three settlements of rival factions that are trying to unearth Ursee's hidden secrets in the first place.

As explained in the press release prepared for the occasion:

"The first of these settlements is Saladmount, a place where wood material is extracted from the huge mushroom tree, which is used as an ultra-light construction material. Next, it is a fragment. This is the home of the Borgia family, one of the most important noble houses in the game. This is a place with sharp and spectacular rocky features. The third is Royal Harbor, which is the largest city of the Ursai people. Sitting in the top of the imperial peak ".

As an exercise in creating atmosphere, the trailer hit the spot, it's hard to feign indifference when looking at the fascinating world of Tomás Sala's personal development team.

Wired Productions stated that we can expect to hear more about The Falconeer in the coming months, especially additional content and updates on the status of development.

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