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Secret Labs has been manufacturing gaming chairs for nearly six years, and it is safe to say that they know what they are doing. They produce some of the best gaming chairs, and we have more than one of their chairs in the WePC office.

If you have never owned a gaming chair before, you really miss it. Despite the opinions of some people, we really believe in the answer to "Is the gaming chair worth it?" Is firm. However, the only thing we know that prevents many of us from using them is their high price. This is why sales within this site are so exciting.

The Secret Lab's products are extended to the entire website and offer various discounts on all its amazing gaming chairs. The transaction is now valid and will remain valid on Black Friday, so you don't have much time to enter.

Personally, we like all the gaming chairs made by Secret Lab, but we have been able to test some of them personally in the office (Omega even has its own reviews). This is a quick breakdown of available chairs. When we conducted a manual review in the office, your

mid-range chair was very popular, and for good reason. The chair starts at $359 and has 23 design options, including Game of Thrones and Overwatch designs. It is ideal for medium builds and advertises a recommended height of 5`3"-5`11" and a maximum weight of 240 pounds.

Finally, it is your advanced option. Titan starts at $399 and has 21 design options, similar to Omega. This chair is very suitable for heavier body types, because the more structural and supportive design can support a maximum weight of 290 pounds, and the recommended height is between 5'9 inches-6'7 inches.

If you are looking for a new gaming chair, now is the best time to buy high-quality products and save a little money at the same time. If you purchased one of the Secret Labs gaming chairs in the comments below, please let us know or contact the WePC community to find out what others are saying.

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