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Intel 10nm focus

CES 2021 will always be different, online and so on, but there are still some cool technologies that attract our attention, even if we are not lucky enough to come to Las Vegas this year.

Here, on the first day of the exhibition, a device aroused our interest. It is Eyeware Beam, which turns ordinary iPhone into a smart eye tracking device.

Eyeware Beam is an iPhone application that turns your iPhone into an eye tracker, head tracker and webcam. It is suitable for iPhone and iPad equipped with Face ID (iPhone XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, iPad Pro), and uses proprietary 3D head and eye tracking technology. The solution utilizes Apple's TrueDepth camera technology and uses a user-facing camera to achieve remote and accurate head and eye tracking. A PC software counterpart must be installed, and once it is paired with a mobile phone, users can broadcast their view or play an emulator game that supports head tracking.

This technology offers a whole new way to play games like Microsoft Flight Simulator outside of virtual reality, which means you can look around with your head instead of using a mouse.

It's also used by streaming media, they want to show viewers where they see on the screen when playing FPS games like Apex Legends, and professionals use it as a training tool to analyze their performance. Eyeware and CBDO

co-founder Bastjan Prenaj told us: "Currently, you need to purchase additional hardware to enrich your game and live streams with eye tracking and head tracking. Our goal is to remove streaming and gaming barriers that gamers They found today allowed them to immediately start using the Eyeware Beam application to turn their iPhone into an eye tracker. We have added features such as head tracking to control your camera naturally in an emulator game or virtual camera, which allows you to use your mobile phone’s high-resolution mobile camera in broadcasts and video calls, we created a playback Devices, streaming media, and anyone working from home. You will like to use and accelerate the adoption of this improved way of interacting with PCs and cross-PCs. "

We want to access the application immediately after obtaining Eyeware access rights. Check out this space.

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