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WePC was fortunate enough to meet the bHaptics guys at last year's CES. Wow, this seems to be a long time ago! This year we may not be able to meet old friends in person, but we can still keep up with the pace of development through the magic of the Internet. The

year is a long time for the mass-developed world of tactile suits. At the virtual CES in 2021, bhaptics proudly demonstrated the consumer-ready tactility of the Tactsuit X series!

This series includes the following two models.

TactSuit X40

TactSuit X40 is the company's flagship device for full-body haptic solutions and a winner of the CES 2021 Innovation Award. It is a consumer-ready haptic vest that includes 40 vibrating touch motors. The X40 significantly enhances the user experience by providing powerful and complex tactile feedback synchronized with the content, using 40 touch motors evenly distributed throughout the tactile vest.

TactSuit X16

is a breathable and lightweight version of the TactSuit X40. TactSuit X16 is equipped with 16 motors just like the X40 and weighs just over 2 pounds (950 grams). TactSuit X16 is priced at $ 299, making it the most affordable tactile vest to date.

Based on the bHaptics TactSuit X16 and X40 features:

"We are pleased to showcase the new TactSuit X series at CES 2021 and look forward to partnering with content developers so that we can provide our users with a broader range of compatible content. TactSuit, "said Kiuk Gwak, CEO of bHaptics. "The TactSuit X series will become the first consumer-oriented touchscreen in the history of the human-machine interface."

Going back to things like Nintendo PowerFlove, the manufacturer has always dreamed of offering more engaging games in the realism department. There must be a market. I once modified two bass vibrators on a gaming chair to give my spaceship an added feel to Elite Dangerous in VR.

Are we getting closer and closer to that time? Of course, people who use BR a lot will seriously consider it as an option - if bHaptics can take the lead when VR finally manages to go mainstream, then we likely have the perfect immersive gaming solution.

We hope to get Tactsuit and bring you a full overhaul in the near future.

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