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CES 2020 is coming soon, which means we are preparing for some incredible technology demonstrations. Brands such as AMD, Sony, and Intel made a splash at this year's CES, and here is everything you need to know about the CES 2020 plan.

All activities this year will begin on January 6th, and a series of keynote speeches will be given before the start. The conference will end on the 7th. The showroom will be open and all the coolest new technologies will be available before January 10. There are many activities every day of the

conference, but below we highlight the activities that we think are of most interest to you. (And we are most looking forward to attending!)

On Sunday, a series of media events will be held to prepare everyone for the main event of the next day. Although there will not be any product disclosures here, the media will have the opportunity to communicate and promote next week.

We are still waiting for some big brands to announce their press conferences and product display times, so be sure to continue to check the latest CES 2020 schedule.

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