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CES 2020 is now in full swing, and the showroom is officially open! This means that we can finally proceed to deal with some of the most exciting new consumer electronics products on the market.

After a crazy day full of keynote speeches yesterday, our second day was much calmer, giving us the opportunity to learn about the topography of the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, we had the opportunity to visit LG at their booth and carefully observed some of their latest products.

After attending LG's keynote speech yesterday, we can't wait to learn about some of the technologies they revealed, especially their LG G8X dual-screen mobile phone. Therefore, once the exhibition halls open, they will naturally be our first port of call.

Their entire exhibition space is simply impressive. You can enter and visit through exquisite exhibits showing different natural scenes, and the queue time for obtaining photos and videos is longer than some products.

We went straight to the dual-screen mobile phone. We only gave a brief glimpse of the keynote speech, so we were happy to try it out for ourselves. They have loaded a few games on the phone that we can test, and although I don’t know what controls I should use, I can see how great this phone is.

We also got a lot of different LG employees to discuss with us what they showed at CES this year. They let us take a closer look at some of their new displays released in 2020, including gaming and office use.

For LG, this looks to be another remarkable year, especially for monitors and televisions. We look forward to mastering these products internally and actually providing you with a full WePC test.

CES has too many VR products, it's hard for us to get into it. However, today we start by visiting some interesting brands on the scene.

We started with bHaptics to test their tactile suits and brought us into the world of Ready Player One. Their suits have two main purposes: music and games. With its sound design, you can truly "feel the music" because the vibrations you feel around your body happen at the same time as the music. This is a cool feature and it's very good to experience.

But more importantly, it can be used in games. I have a chance to test it in an established FPS game, which is actually another matter. When you get shot in the back, you can really feel it, so you know someone is behind you. It's not painful, it's just a vibration, but it adds an additional sense of immersion, which is the VR experience we love the most.

We also saw the practical application of Cyber shoes and their VR shoes. The whole concept of being able to move your feet and move your character in the game is really exciting. I hope we get a chance to test them for ourselves tomorrow and bring you our own conclusions.

One of my highlights is the VR arcade machine made by VR Leo. These machines are completely self-service and very easy to use. I tried an archery game and found it to be easy to use and very, very interesting, like an arcade game.

We also managed to pass the Razer booth (although we didn't have enough time there, so we'll be back!) And saw their Razer Kishi mobile game controller. They connect directly to your smartphone, turning it into a mobile gaming device. They come with all the controls you need, including two joysticks, directional buttons, and the typical "A, B, X, Y" buttons.

We have some understanding of MMO games, and you can really see how this will change mobile gaming, just like the LG phones we mentioned above. 5G and mobile gaming are definitely buzzwords at CES 2020.

That was the second day, and also our first day on site. CES is huge and we still have a lot to explore and test. However, we are sure to let you know everything we have seen along the way.

Be sure to visit YouTube for product images, interviews with brands and exhibitors, and our daily roundup of the best products at CES 2020.

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