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We've been through half the CES craze, and we've seen so many amazing new products and displays. The third day was packed with incredibly exciting technologies, including the world's first folding laptop, a PC with a built-in dragon, and a chair with wings. So, without further ado, let's get a deeper understanding of the highlights of the third day of CES 2020.

After seeing it announced in the opening speech of the first day, we are eager to get the new foldable laptop from Lenovo . First in the world, it has a sleek design, a great user interface, and limitless possibilities.

Whether you want to use it as an everyday laptop, a business laptop or a hybrid laptop or tablet, we have all left a deep impression on us.

We also took a close look at Lenovo's new Legion products. The first is Lenovo's lightest and thinnest gaming laptop-Legion Y740S. This is a stylish new laptop with three modes, one for gaming, one for entertainment, and one for daily use. To make this even more impressive, they paired it with their first external GPU Lenovo Legion BoostStation.

We then took a closer look at their new gaming monitors, including the Legion Y2525 24.5-inch gaming monitor and G32qc 32-inch curved monitor manufactured in cooperation with Team Liquid.

Finally, they showed off their new smart gaming mouse. The Lenovo Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse has improved connectivity and wiring options to ensure you don't miss any shots while gaming.

For those of us who like to monitor PC performance, especially CPU, GPU, and DRAM. The Alienware second screen allows you to use your smartphone screen to perform this operation without taking up space on the screen. Some

features are still under development, including RGB lighting adjustments, overclocking, and in-game integration.

Alienware introduced us to another new mobile game product, Concept UFO. The next stage of this portable game is slightly larger than the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to take your Steam library with you. The controller is detachable and connectable, which means you can play games on the go or at home for a complete gaming experience.

MSI spent an incredible year at CES 2020, winning left, right and winning prizes. One of these awards is for his new PC, MSI MEG Aegis Ti5. This computer will definitely be divided in terms of design - it's definitely custom, but the interface is amazing. The

has an easy-to-use caster wheel at the front. You can adjust the RGB lighting on the PC itself, as well as on the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. You can check your performance and temperature, and even open your games with just one click.

also mentions the animated dragon that appears on the click wheel and the mini screen at the bottom of the screen.

MSI also brought new versions of its Stealth and Raider gaming laptops. They all have an amazing 300hz refresh rate and sufficient battery power to keep them running.

The Stealth lives up to its name, with a stylish black design that is simple and elegant. On the other hand, Raider has a cool RGB light strip on the bottom edge, making it look like the gaming laptop we all need.

At CES 2020, we still have a lot to see and try, and there are two days to put them together! Be sure to keep up to date with the latest news on our YouTube channel, where we can show you some of our favorite brands and products, up-close and personalized!

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