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Infinity ward surprise with cod alpha

Finally, stay here at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, our first day the meeting of some of the main note and Jampak and technician of the larger brand was recorded. We are talking about Intel, AMD, Sony, LG and Qualcomm. Until the great advertisement of the product, our team is entered violently to keep it up to date, shoot and connect has been stuck Tweet.

However, if the live update has been lost, here is a round of one of the highlights of CES 2020 days!

There was a key note of LG on the first day. They open the meeting talking about the future plans of AI technology, it was together its concept of "anywhere anywhere".

Before we whipped us, he continued to glimpse in the new game phone with a removable screen. Do not worry, we're chasing the morning show.

Real 8k TV of them .88 inches from it to show your impressive range of televisions, there is a television of the 8K real televisions equipped with NVIDIA to game play TV, some of an interesting product, we have

TV games for and TV. For this year of television, and along with some very sweet design elements, we focus on TV.

TV for a game, although in many cases, the size of the screen, to produce a better game experience in general, has occurred together with NVIDIA and its GSYNC technology. And are currently the first and only brand approved by NVIDIA for its quality of play.

Next, we went to the Kuartom press conference. We have anxious that took place in 5g technology and Dragon Snap, and we were not disappointed! First we saw the first 5G laptop in the world in combination with Lenovo.

Lenovo Yoga 5G Laptop was released in the spring of 2020, it will be retailer at $ 1499. Similar to the previous yoga model, it can be used as a laptop or tablet and is very portable. This is this if the laptop is adjusted to be the first 5G model.

AMD was probably the most huge advertisement to see in this year's ESC, and they did not disappoint! There was a new presentation of CPU, GPU and new presentation of products, including software. The 45-minute presentation is from January or February of this year.

We have a Laptop CPU, AMD RX 5600XT, AMD 4800H Game Laptop CPU, AMD SmartShift technology, and AMD ThreadRipper 3990x. For the product to release innovative and exciting products, there was also an opportunity to see in action.

There are many stories about how AMD products are, and Intel rivals are also excellent, but it seems that the gap is beginning to spread the spread of commercial results.

Immediately after AMD, we saw what they were doing with Intel Keynote's speech for CES 2020. Just look at Twitter, you can see the response of the House of Representatives to your opening conferences.

The results passed and the time to look back to 2019, did not take long time in a future version. In fact, his was delayed for about 30 minutes, and we were in a hurry that of his next other brands products of a large part of her is not in his looked a look. Highlight there is one, which is his speaker (@jessjgrey "- our new fortresses). From Adobe was the speaker, the crowd, showed that they achieve with Photoshop in an Intel processor processor that supplies you.

Oh, Sony. They have opened their opening speech, it takes information about PS5 in the future. The official Nextgen logo (this is almost many PS4 logos, it's many things), and we said we had to wait more than a few months about the real details. I'm sorry, Sony.

There were many updates from the game point of view and PC technology, but now we analyze your new car. Yes, Sony is making a car. Actually, it was quite great, especially the control panel of the entertainment interface.

Interesting first day at all CES 2020. We, AMD, AMD was torn off to Intel through opening conferences. This is a major approach in 5G technology. Tomorrow sees the opening of the show floor, you start getting a Hanson has some of the latest technologies. Through the latest latest update every week, please adhere to us during the week.

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