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If you are a fan of the classic game "Command and Conquer", you will be happy to hear the next remake. The remastered version of Command and Conquer will be released on June 5, 2020, but you can pre-order it now. This remake also coincides with the 25th anniversary of Command and Conquer. The

remade game will have rebuilt graphics and even support 4K resolution. It will cover the consequences of the Tiberium Sun and the Red Alert.

While exciting for game fans, the recent announcement may bring something new. EA Games goes beyond the practices of most game publishers and will release open source code when the new version is released.

Many game studios are very cautious about releasing source code for a number of reasons. However, mod has always been an important part of PC gaming and it can really change the gaming experience. EA's decision to release the source code means that module creators will have the freedom to control what they can design and implement in this 25-year-old game. The downside to

is that LAN Play, which many people use to play the older version of the Command and Conquer games, will be temporarily unavailable. This is due to COVID19 as it is too difficult to test the LAN Play requirements during social distancing measures. However, this appears to be temporary, so we should see it resume operation in the future. The release of open source code

is an exciting development, released alongside this remake, so we will definitely pay close attention to what modules people come up with.

Are you a fan of the original Command and Conquer? Will you play the remake or consider modifying it yourself? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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