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Ibuypower rdy sliirg201 gaming pc review

We finally confirmed the release date of Carrion. On Devolver Digital's recent Devolver Direct Stream, they showed a trailer confirming that "Rotten Flesh" will be released on July 23rd. They also updated the game's Steam page to reflect this confirmed release date.

Carrion was first shown in GIF form in November 2017. The lead developer of

, known as "kroskiewicz" on Twitter, has recently expressed his excitement about the upcoming release. This tweet hints that the launch is not completely remote:

The game's rated tentacle monster appears in 2019 at E3, this is part of Devolver Digital's E3 last year. On Devolver's YouTube channel

, there is an extensive question and answer session on terrifying beasts and this trailer is from 2019, when it was announced that Devolver Digital had signed the game.

So the latest trailer confirming the release date is here.

Finally, the trailer is released, the animation style is very good.

This is a game that subverts the setting of monsters from classic movies. Instead of fighting a mysterious and powerful force, you live in it. You lurk in the dark and use your tentacles to stick to the wall and destroy a group of weak humans who are armed but ultimately not powerful enough. This is a kind of black comedy, they definitely determine the look of the game.

The game has been made available to players in various limited-time demos on Steam. This is the full game from the demo released in June 2020:

Carrion is a game with strong visual recognition and a very original style, but it won't overload your system. It is designed to run on basically any modern PC. The following are the minimum specifications:

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1

Processor: 2-core processor

Memory: 1024 MB RAM

Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compatible

Storage: 500 MB free space

Basically any modern web browser You can run OR a basic 2D game. Any system in our PC build guide can do this task.

We are looking forward to the final version of Carrion, and it won't be long. Stay at Wepc to get the latest game news.

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