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Discord is a VoIP application created and released in May 2015. It is designed for the Reddit community that wants to replace IRC servers with Discord servers (remember those servers?). After a while, players started using the software and started using the app for LAN and esports tournaments. Since then, the popularity of Discords has exploded and it now has 250 million users worldwide. This is something I use almost every day, not just for games.

However, Discord is not without problems. Today, we will solve the age-old problem of not being prepared to listen to anyone on Discord. Many people have experienced it, and most people can fix it, but for those who have not experienced it; don't be afraid. This is an easy-to-understand guide on how to solve problems once and for all.

Before we get into any technology, before looking for this article, I will quickly review everything I should try first. Yes, restarting your computer is what you should do. In any case, let us dive into the basics.

I always like to avoid reinstalling software because it is a tedious and tedious task. However, it may be necessary for some situations. If Discord does not play, I definitely recommend that you reinstall it completely, because unlike other programs, this is a relatively fast process.

You can completely remove and reinstall Discord in about five minutes. If it doesn't work after reinstalling, then you know it has something to do with Discord's computer settings. This is where the fun begins.


An often overlooked method is to set the handset as the default communication device. It is done in Windows, so sometimes people can lose it to solve this problem. We have achieved great success with this method by helping people who cannot hear people on Discord.

Let's see directly how to do this:

This is another proven method to get Discord working again. It works for many people and may be the solution you are looking for.


One of the most common solutions for not being able to hear human voice on Discord comes down to hardware compatibility. Sometimes the hardware components are not compatible with the latest Discord audio subsystem. Just go back to the previous version of the audio subsystem to solve this problem. Enabling the "Use old audio subsystem" option has solved many Discord problems, you should try it first. Method

is as follows:

This method has been used by many people and has solved the problem, I hope you find it useful. However, if not, we have a few fixes that may be helpful.


One of the simplest steps in solving audio output problems is to make sure that the audio device is set as the primary input and output device. This is done on Windows, not Discord, so it can sometimes be ignored. If you frequently switch between headphones and speakers, this may be a problem.

The following is how to make sure they are configured correctly.


If none of the above methods work, your Discord may have an error or need a software update. Discord regularly releases updates to keep Discord running as efficiently as possible. However, if the update is not installed correctly, sometimes the update will affect your software. If your Discord is touched, the software will automatically revert to a previous version without eavesdropping. However, if this is the case, you will need to update or restart Discord.

You can do this by simply restarting the software or pressing CTRL + R to update Discord.

Using the web version will give us a lot of information. By using the online version of Discord, you are using a version of Discord that is 100% secure against eavesdropping or damage. If you still encounter problems after using Discord on the web version, then you know that this is most likely a system error.

If this is the case, we recommend using a repair tool that can scan the repository and replace any missing or damaged files in the system. Again, this will apply to many situations where the problem stems from a damaged system. Most repair tools will also optimize your system for maximum performance, so it is very beneficial to try anyway.

If you have tried all the methods but still do not work, I suggest you use the headset with another computer and the Discord version. If the problem persists, it means that your headset is damaged. If it works, then you know it is a software or system problem.

to the extreme: if you really want to, you can go to the absolute extreme, reformat; new Windows installation. This is the last step in the process. If this doesn't work then you're a bit stuck in terms of what you can actually do. I don't recommend doing this yourself, but it means you have exhausted all available methods.

Tell us how we are going, is our arrangement helpful to you? Is everything clear and understandable?

Leave us a message in the next section with more questions and ideas on how we can improve the article to make it easier to use. We strive to make people’s lives easier, and hope we’ve done this by outlining common solutions when people’s voices cannot be heard on Discord.

If you have any more questions about Discord, check out our full guide on how to use Discord, which lists all the individual guides we've written on the subject.

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