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With "Call of Duty" released almost once a year, you won't be far from the next action. Some people have already had the opportunity to play the latest games during the alpha phase on August 23 and 25, which shows the long-awaited 2v2 mode.

If you missed it, don't worry, the rest of us will have a chance to catch up on the public beta coming September 14th. We're not sure if this beta will have the same content as the Alpha version, but it would make sense to collect fan reactions to some additional content before the final release. For those who are satisfied with the wait, the release date for "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" will not be far off.

fans of the series will soon be able to play the "soft reboot" of this modern warfare series. As shown in the trailer for the official Call of Duty YouTube channel, the game's release date is set for October 25. The latest installment in the

franchise will bring Call of Duty Modern Warfare back to its roots. It seems that, as usual, no effort was spared when it came to making a single player experience. Players will experience some more difficult choices in warfare, some of which are compared to the choices in the popular game Spec Ops: The Line.

Pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4

Pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare Xbox One

With the release date imminent, we have prepared our PC versions to ensure they meet the necessary system requirements for these graphically heavy games.

Everyone who has played a Call of Duty game knows that most of their time will be spent playing multiplayer games. This year's game seems as crazy as ever! From the series that is famous for its thrilling shootouts, we expect no less.

When the game launched on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 25, we finally got to see how it worked. There will certainly be a post-launch patch, but the initial state of a multiplayer game is always something not to be missed. We already have some confirmations on weapons and combos, but it's always interesting to see how they balance out for the general public.

With all the information we've seen so far, we're eager to get this title and really understand how well it matches its predecessors. Will it outperform the original "Modern Warfare" title or will it fail?

Infinity Ward set himself a daunting task to match our nostalgia for these games, but if this game looks as good as it does, it may be a much-needed makeover for the series.

Of course, one of the most popular "Call of Duty" games is released with basically the same title, and the threshold is high, but it seems that this title has matching content.

What do you think? After launch on October 25, please tell us about your initial impressions of the game. Will this title become your first shooter game in 2019?

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