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The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update and neighboring Battle Royale mode has landed and promises to "fundamentally change the battle in Verdansk."

This is the official propaganda to make you happy:

"Captain Price needs all of you. This week, especially when the armistice alliance almost fell apart due to infighting between the loyalty and the coalition forces, it is possible cause chaos in Verdansk. "

As Activision said, in "Reloading Season 4" the most important change is the return to the theater game for 200 players as a limited time mode. Fifty four-person squads can join together as they compete for the coveted victory in the "Great Battle Royale Experience." There is no news on how long the 200-person model will continue to circulate. Considering its popularity with the player base, it once again raised the question why Activision didn't implement it permanently.

Season 4 Reloaded introduced Supply Run Contracts, the task is to make players rush to the shopping station before time runs out. If you are in a hurry, you will receive a discount when shopping at Buy Station. The update also includes the Juggernaut Royale mode, which transforms lucky recipients into Juggernauts with mini-weapons via air-launched car packs. Send them to the Gulag to activate another airdrop and restart the cycle of destruction. The

high-performance flicker-free sight, Spotter Scope, is also for sale. It allows users to scan their surroundings and choose enemies without being detected. In addition, the update also brings Rytec AMR, a 0.50 caliber semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifle, which can be unlocked through game challenges or purchased in stores, thanks to the magic of microtransactions. The sniper rifle can be used in multiplayer, theater and cooperative modes. The

multiplayer game also fell in love with a new map called Cheshire Park. This is the official description:

`Located in the city of London, England, Cheshire Park is a picturesque garden and greenhouse, where operators will go from house to house or through a central area overgrown with plants. Go to the townhouse to watch from a distance, the shop captures the target through fierce CQB battles, or take the alleys to find a shortcut. If you have the guts, try to challenge those who can be installed on second floor windows, telephone booths, front yards or scaffolding.

also has a new multiplayer game mode: Team Defender. This is a fast-paced aiming game mode based on the classic Capture the Flag. Instead of two signs, there is only one. Catching is like taking down an aircraft carrier to earn points. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

This update also contains a large number of cosmetic items, including the new Roze Operator, Rogue Operative Pack, Golden Idol Pack and Warzone Starter Pack, including 500 COD points, the legendary shotgun blueprint amalgam, the alchemist skin Kruger’s epic, simple The epic business card breath, the vulture culture epic badge, one-hour two-player battle pass XP tokens, one-hour two-person weapon experience tokens. The starter pack costs $4.99.

Due to the familiarity of "Call of Duty Modern Warfare", the update weighs 2236 GB. Host players should consider a 3.5 GB secondary download. Activision said that once installed, the update will reduce the overall footprint of Warzone.

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