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It is not the first time in history that a game has been linked to a graphics card. I fondly remember that in the last system I built, I received a copy of "The Witcher 3" with GPU, which was a nice surprise!

NVIDIA has confirmed on its website that if you buy one of the selected graphics cards, you will also receive a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Unfortunately, if you recently purchased a graphics card from NVIDIA, you're out of luck (unless you want to experience cumbersome product returns!).

This offer currently applies to all currently available RTX cards, which means you will verify the following:

More information on applicable content can be found on the NVIDIA website; it's worth checking out because this bundle also includes the GeForce RTX laptop.

If you are looking at the GPUs in the list above, you can be sure that free games will definitely add to the fun of trading. However, it is best not to use it as a deciding factor, because the graphics card is a very expensive product after all compared to the games you use to play.

Not surprisingly, this bundle is closely linked to NVIDIA’s current Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This version will showcase some of the new features in the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, such as real-time ray tracing and adaptive shading support.

For UK readers, you can get this discount from many popular online stores (such as Overclockers).

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