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Huge alienware discounts this cyber monday

They say loose lips and sunken ships, but maybe this needs to be upgraded to "corn flakes with loose lips and sunken ships" because the delicious triangular snacks let the cat out earlier than we expected this year. emission.

Imagine if military leaders who were really involved in the Cold War had to deal with a snack company that leaked their plans? What a terrible nightmare that would be.

Thanks to the Doritos bundle discovered by, we can see the new Call of Duty and Doritos chip cross-promotion, providing XP boosts for players who use Doritos to redeem gift codes. We are currently unable to confirm the flavors included in this promotion, but we will pray for the chili heat wave.

Before this accidental jump, we knew something about the new "Call of Duty" title, but this is the closest we are to the official announcement that the next "Call of Duty" will be released. Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. I guess they heard that we like subtitles so they gave us a subtitle in addition to the above subtitles. According to my stats, this is the seventeenth main game of "Call of Duty" and the fifth game of Black Ops. We still don't know if it intends to reboot, like Modern Warfare in 2019, or a direct continuation of the series. Some leaked level names give us clues as to how long this game will take place, but if we want to get more information, we will have to wait.

We are not sure when Activision will officially release this game, because this year's E3 schedule is out of control, the emergence of new consoles and other factors that complicate the game, it belongs to anyone. Guess when we will hear more. If they are already making promotional chip packages, there is a strong indication that they have locked the date and cannot be too far away. Follow us at any time for the latest Call of Duty news.

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