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Today we will talk about buying second-hand graphics cards.

Due to the recent launch of Nvidia's RTX series and the end of the GPU shortage in early 2018, the second-hand GPU market is now booming. Because of this, we decided to write a detailed guide on how to navigate the used GPU market, including currently available offerings.

sees this as a detailed guide to buying second-hand GPUs in 2019 and beyond. We will solve the common problems you may face when buying a second hand GPU, where to buy a second hand GPU, expected price and performance level, etc.

By the end of this article, you'll be ready to start shopping for second-hand GPUs. If you are already familiar with the jargon, feel free to skip the next part; otherwise, let us bring it up to standard.

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The following are common terms used in this article, and you should understand them before proceeding.

These problems are usually solvable, but you may need to do additional work. If you buy a second-hand GPU, especially from an independent reseller, these are the problems you are likely to face.

This is the most common of them: an old GPU with a lot of dust. Usually this will not cause severe overheating, but it will increase the temperature significantly. In most cases, it is located on the radiator behind the fan, which is difficult to get rid of during routine PC maintenance.

Fortunately, taking care of it is fairly simple. You need to completely remove the GPU from your system and bring a can of compressed air to eliminate any dust bags you can find. If you blow compressed air anywhere near the fan, you need to clamp the fan to avoid damaging the bearings.

If sending compressed air to your card doesn't work, you may be dealing with a deeper cooling issue. Sometimes dust will appear in places where compressed air cannot reach, the cooler may not be firmly installed on the graphics card, or the thermal paste may have expired. In either of these situations ...

The GPU fan and cooler need to be completely removed to further remove dust and apply a new thermal paste to the GPU chip. Instructions will vary depending on the exact make and model of the card, but if you're used to using screwdrivers and have a safe, static-free work area, you don't need to worry too much.

If you've ever removed the CPU cooler and added a new thermal paste, then you're dealing with almost the same concept here. Does

need thermal paste? Click here!

If the graphics card has been used for a long time, you may notice that it begins to sag. This phenomenon is called a "GPU heatsink," and if you buy a second-hand old GPU, you are likely to encounter it. Fortunately, the GPU crash is not harmful to your hardware, because the graphics card is built with some flexibility to solve this problem. (Otherwise they will only fold in half.)

If you really want to repair it, but ...

You need to find a mounting bracket or arm to solve the problem. You can do this yourself or you can use our solution linked below.

Do you want a GPU fixture? Click here!

These problems are serious and may not be completely resolved. Your only "solution" here is returns and refunds. However, these are relatively few, and if you follow best practices, you usually won't find them.

When we speak of "damage", we mean damage. Dust accumulation and expired thermal paste will adversely affect your card, but it does not necessarily constitute damage. If your card is damaged, the most likely part of the damage is the PCB, usually small parts are scratched or torn off.

A common cause of this situation is to use an air compressor instead of compressed air to clean the GPU. When the compressor is running, if it is too strong, it may explode part of the PCB. Symptoms of a bad

graphics card include:

Make sure your graphics card is not overclocked. If you still encounter any of these issues, especially the first two issues, your GPU may be damaged and needs to be returned.

Although used GPUs usually do not have a warranty, some manufacturers may be willing to repair or replace your card at a reasonable price. However, this will vary from case to case, and it is usually best if you can get your money back.

fake GPUs are especially malicious, because only the most vigilant customers can spot the scam. For example, if you don't know what kind of performance the graphics card you have purchased has, you may never find out that the "GTX 1060" you are using is actually the renamed GTX 960.

The best way to detect this problem is to use GPUZ, which will get advanced readings from your graphics card and alert you when using counterfeit products. If you discover that you have been sold a fake GPU, report the problem to eBay and try to get your money back. However, if you buy it outright ... you may be out of luck.

The problem above sounds scary, but as long as you practice properly, you can easily avoid it! The following are the top three rules for buying second hand GPUs.

There are many feasible places to look for used GPUs. Like many products, you can view them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, but be sure to buy from a reputable seller. No matter how attractive the price looks, if the seller’s rating is below ~95%, you probably shouldn’t buy something from them.


The stains are really great. We are planning to run the current GPU example to buy in the second half of the article, and it should be useful as a wonderful place to start.

This is true that it is honest and what is used. If you pay a total amount for something, just buy new ones from Amazon. It is used and is on the right near MSRP, please do not worry! Continue finding better transactions or look for another card at similar performance levels. Since GPU scarcity has been completed for a long time, there is no reason to buy a card used in MSRP.

Finally, it is expected that the price range has been purchased and the price range that is expected to reach the price range where they plan to buy them. If you are not familiar with a landscape of modern graphic cards, check the GPU hierarchy and the best graphics card guide.

The budget range should be looking for GTX 1050/1050 Ti and GPU or more than Pras. If you are not your exact cards.

These cards usually have a VRAM below 2 GB. This is fine on the 1080p and 720p games, but you need to download some textureLeadeplayt configurations. The

cards that can be found in this range are:

This range has most of the cards, the most competitive and most advantageous information. You must be looking for a card that runs on GTX 1060 6GB and pairs about $ 200. About $ 300, you must be looking for Running Cards with GTX 1070 and Pair.

This performance range finds a card bet for work on the 1440P and VR games. Everywhere in 4GB to 8GB, this is a common sense here, and VR / 1440P is better.

GTX 980/980 IT (Amazing Subject)

The truth is said, and will probably be on the path of negotiation here. All GPUs that run in this price range are still very short because they are still Gentant Gent. In general, less than $ 50 from MSRP less than $ 50 MSRP.

Still go ahead and we list the GPU, but we can list MSRP. Whether you know what you have encountered, you must spend more than $ 450 for any of these uses.

The overall performance levels you want to wait in this price range are quite high. Here we can do 1440p, 4k high cake.

The worthwhile value is that GTX 1080S and 1080 TIS are sold recently in the releases of GPU RTX, even if you are newer than a newer discount. If you really want to want a high-end performance and want to spend many additions, check the offers of those cards.

We think it's fair, this is that this is the best GPU purchase guide you should find there, you are still flying under a small search. We also monitor our comments section closely, if you notice the problem, or if you need help buying the graphics card you are using, leave a comment, we will do everything possible to help you as much as possible!

What do you have your eyes because you know what you know there? Personally, we are gathered with RX 580! It is already in a new perspective of a new perspective and is a preferred card with the best price and in a used GPU it seems to be used.

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