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When it comes to the arsenal of gamers, gaming PCs and other peripherals seem to take precedence over gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards are vital equipment, so knowing how to buy gaming keyboards is important. When we talk about how to buy a gaming keyboard, we are really talking about the key factors to consider before making a major purchase. The modern

gaming keyboard comes in a variety of sizes, has a variety of switch types, and beautiful little extras like RGB lighting and even a wrist rest. Before buying any type of keyboard, you need to evaluate whether you will be using it for games or for certain tasks.

At this point, you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed, but don't panic, we'll introduce you to everything you need to know in this article. The

gaming keyboard has a variety of sizes to meet the needs of people with different working environments and needs. When buying a new keyboard, it is important to understand the form factor that you will need. The keyboard shape basically has a full-size option, also known as a 100% board. You can also get the TKL plate, which stands for Tenkeyless. TKL keyboards do not have a keyboard, and in many cases, they do not have dedicated function buttons or arrows. The size of the

board ranges from the full-size keyboard you may be used to to 40%! The

full-size keyboard is the most common, and it sounds like that. These types of keyboards have a complete number of keys, including numeric keypads, arrow keys, and dedicated function keys. The full-size gaming keyboard also has a dedicated multimedia control space and sometimes macro keys. Whether you need a macro key really depends on your specific needs as a gamer, but if you have space on your desk, these types of motherboards are the most convenient.

It is also worth noting that if you work at home or use the keyboard for purposes other than gaming, you may want to consider using a full-size keyboard, because the smaller TKL option can be a bit cumbersome when performing tasks. trivial like how to edit words. The

Tenkeyless board size ranges from 40% to 80%, providing us with a number of size options suitable for our personal setup. 80% of the dashboards are compared to full-size dashboards, except your number pad has been cut off. If you reduce it to 65%, the arrow keys will be pressed last in a different format than what you are used to, and some function keys will integrate with other keys.

Reduced to 60% of the keyboard size, we see that the arrow keys are integrated with the letter keys. If you want to perform any additional functions, you need to press the Fn key + another key to perform basic functions such as "print screen".

What you choose depends on your purpose, but if you are short of space, choosing the TKL option may be worth your investment. The TKL board is also easier to transport, so if you participate in many activities or play at a friend's house, TKL's multiple options may be your best choice.

A switch refers to the technology under each key. We will discuss the two main types later: mechanical and membrane. The technology behind each type varies greatly, but the general rule of thumb is that the mechanical type is the best. Now if you are reading this article and you like membrane keyboards then don't worry, there are still plenty of options for membrane switches. The

switch is generally only mentioned when it comes to mechanical gaming keyboards, and there are many types. There are three main types of mechanical switches: linear, click, and tactile. All are considered suitable for gaming, and some are better than others, but mainly because each has different characteristics, including feel, driving pressure, and responsiveness.

mechanical switches tend to be loud, so if you're looking for a quiet gaming keyboard, knowing about the different types of mechanical switches will ensure that you won't end up with the products you hate.

The most common type of switch maker you will see on various keyboards is Cherry MX. Cherry MX is considered to be one of the oldest and largest switch manufacturers, as it has been for many years. The Cherry MX switch has been around for many years and has only recently dominated the market. There are now plenty of Cherry MX clones that may be cheaper but similar in performance, which means finding a good gaming keyboard has never been easier.

Some keyboard manufacturers have also started producing their own switch technology, the most famous being Razer and Logitech. The

mechanical switch uses a lever and moving contacts to activate the button when current between the metal contacts is interrupted. A traditional rubber dome / membrane switch activates or registers the button when the dome is fully compressed and reaches the bottom (bottom out), where the contacts finally meet. On the mechanical keyboard, the switch is activated before bottoming out, thus shortening the keystroke and responding more sensitively to activation. The main advantage of the

mechanical switch is the typing feel and responsiveness. As we all know, membrane keyboards feel "squishy," which many people find unpleasant. The mechanical switch feels fast, and the pulsation is steady and constant. Membrane keyboards tend to be cheaper and splash-proof, but they wear out faster because the rubber dome switch is a single layer and will flatten over time, making your product unresponsive. Of course, some people still prefer membranes to machinery because

Comfortable and stylish. Many modern gaming keyboards will use RGB backlighting, leaving the single LED backlight behind. If you hate RGB, some models may not use this feature, but the best way is to simply turn off the lighting in the settings.

In addition to lighting, there are some additional features that can greatly improve your personal comfort and safety, and give you some peace of mind from the keyboard. Wrist rests are a common feature of the best gaming keyboards on the market, and they are usually equipped with very expensive keyboards. These wrist rests can help alleviate repetitive strain injuries and relieve some of the pressure on your wrists due to prolonged separation from writing.

Of course, comfort is not everyone's top concern. You can always use an ergonomic gaming keyboard to try to relieve some of the pressure on your joints, whether it comes from a specially designed keyboard or a split gaming keyboard.

Other cool additional features come in the form of dedicated multimedia controls and macro buttons. Whether you are listening to music or playing games, media control can make your life easier. The volume wheel may seem like something you don't need, but it may be because you haven't experienced a volume wheel keyboard; they are all great.

Not all gaming keyboards have macro keys, so if this is your requirement, be sure to check if the model you want to buy actually has macro keys. However, if your motherboard doesn't have it and you particularly like it, some modern gaming keyboards will allow you to reprogram the keys to get exactly the same function, so pay attention.

Like most hardware, the more features, the higher the price, so be aware of the additional costs these additional features can bring and be prepared to pay the heavy price.

If you bought a mechanical keyboard, you may not know that you can upgrade or replace the corresponding keys. Unless otherwise noted, many keyboards will be equipped with ABS plastic keys. These types of keys are good, but will wear out over time compared to the more durable PBT options. This means that over time, the key will wear out to the point of becoming shiny, and in some cases, the icon will no longer be visible. However, custom

keys are not just a durability issue for keyboard enthusiasts, they have exciting color combinations and different font styles that really make your keyboard stand out on your desktop.

If you are considering buying a set of keys, you need to make sure they are compatible with your keyboard layout and switch type. Compatibility is usually in the specifications, so just check before buying any old key sets. The

wireless gaming keyboard, like most gaming peripherals, is less common and is usually avoided in higher-level games. This is always due to the reliability of wireless technology, because many gamers want the fastest possible response speed. However,

wireless technology is always improving, and we see this in today's gaming mice, some of which compete with wired mice at the highest level. If you are looking for the cleanest settings and will not bother you for a few milliseconds, then a wireless gaming keyboard may make a difference.

It’s worth noting that any wireless device needs to be charged, so be prepared to plug it in at some point.

Prices vary from person to person. Most manufacturers have gaming keyboards that fit all budget needs. Your budget can determine which keyboard you will eventually buy, so this is an important consideration throughout the process.

Obviously, if money is not an issue, buying the best gaming keyboard is very simple. That is, if your budget is tight, you may have to compromise and sacrifice certain features to get a product that you can afford. The price of the

gaming keyboard ranges from more than US$200 to US$100, and there are even some excellent options for less than US$50. In some cases, the lower the price means the lower the quality and the fewer functions. In most cases, the type of membrane switch.

There are many brands on the market, and the choice may give you a bit of a headache. In our best guide, we make sure to choose the highest quality products, and we often recommend products from leading gaming keyboard manufacturers.

It is true that "gaming" keyboards are not necessary to achieve the same results, but here are some of the more common well-known brands that you can trust to provide quality gaming options.

Corsair provides various peripherals from PC components to mice, but they are known for their gaming keyboards. The

Ducky keyboard series we reviewed:

Logitech is another highly respected brand that provides high-performance gaming peripherals to the public at a reasonable price. In terms of gaming keyboards,

SteelSeries is another leading brand. This brand focuses on peripherals, but their keyboards are the best on the market. Razer

is a brand that some people like and some hate, but their gaming keyboard is actually the best. The

Razer keyboard we reviewed: The

gaming keyboard is an investment, so it’s important to know how to buy a gaming keyboard. Novice players may want to start with relatively inexpensive options and move on to more serious kits as their skills and needs develop. The

top plate can be offered at the highest price, but if you've read this guide, you're already in a better position.

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