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With the heroic season of Destiny 2 drawing to a close, fans are naturally eager to learn more about developer Bungie's future plans for the popular multiplayer shooter. Looking happy to play together, Bungie has left a trail of breadcrumbs for the player because they are investigating the next step for Destiny 2. After

has been in operation for the better part of seven months, including four separate seasons of Ten weeks, the Shadowkeep expansion will end on June 9, and the final season finale of Sages will begin in early March. With new weapons, rewards, map adjustments, and acclaimed battle passes, Shadowkeep has achieved great success.

It's perfect that developer Bungie rolled out the next big teaser for Destiny 2 at 9 a.m. PDT on June 9 to coincide with the end of the season. The news came from a post on Destiny's official Instagram account that mocked the well-known Destiny character, Eris Morn, who navigated the icy crevices and vast areas of a snowy planet dotted with snow-capped ridges. This world bears a striking resemblance to Jupiter's icy moon Europa; this is a location that has yet to be explored in Destiny 2.

This tease appears to be consistent with information in a blog post posted on the official Bungie website by David Dague, Bungie's director of communications, at the end of the last week. Although the post is a weekly update for fans, it also includes a gold nugget on what players can get from the June 9 announcement: "As we talk about the next chapter, you will learn about the next chapter of Destiny 2. A Season it is in the story that has been unfolding throughout the year. "The

wording makes it difficult for us to determine exactly what will happen in the future of Destiny 2. We may be considering another multi-season expansion to large stopover or a new world to explore as Part of next season is probably cold Europe.

Either way, June 9 is fast approaching, and fans of Destiny 2 won't have to wait too long to get more information.

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