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How to upgrade your graphics card

All annual celebrations called Bungee Day were held yesterday on seventh day 7, approaches Destiny 2 Goodies. As a BUNGEE

explains, the UneDay celebration is not an autoagrandization of EGORIP as a way to recognize a vibrant community that supports first-person multiplayer shooters. "Today, you have the right to enjoy today and we have the right to create,` developer.

"Today is about you. Create a world that stimulates friendship. When he meets in those world (and the real world), he respects all our efforts. Therefore, you could say that every day was a Bangie Day, but the seventh day of July is the best time to formulate it. We appreciate. Thanks for playing our game. A better way to show thousands of thousands of gratitude to destination 2 than

and compensation events, stolen and Ingome.

The leading charge is a new downloadable update Destiny 2 (2.9.1, exact thing) landing yesterday. Along with routine error corrections and balance changes, the update will induce the start of the moment of the victory events that are executed until September 22, 2020.

"Heroes and Villains written in stars. But before From which the page changes, parents grab the moment to celebrate their victory. As your trip begins recently, they inspired to take their victory for the longing people. By hope. For Light "

Triumph moments also eliminate the weekly reward cover of five incursions of care. The player maintains a weekly limit, but can take RAID to the joy of his heart for Exotox. The five attention raids are Leviathan, The world eaten, Star Spire, crown of sadness and past fraud. Complete each one of them to the choice of shading of the ghost cover of the candidate and the luxurious toasted emotion.

5 People have a brave or more realistic for all time to complete all of them, and people with many times in their hands have the opportunity to buy exclusive RAID Realworld rings with special emblems. There is also an emblem to offer an offer to complete a victory and a commemorative shirt that can be purchased for its acquisition. Complete the 28 for the new brand and MMXX title "You can continue showing its exclusive title in the future as a dedication test." The BUNGEE

also aims to imitate the charity of the player by providing a BUNGEE FAN FATE 2 COAT Scholar for the player who donates $ 25 to the iPad of the Children's Program. There is also an exotic shell of ghostly sympathy on the offer at the Excite store. All revenues go to the iPad of the Children's Program.

Finally, BUNGEE has gathered two wallpapers of a quite sharpened free destination.

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