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How to move steam games to another drive

A recent leak suggests that AMD may be preparing to expand its budget range to use a new desktop GPU, supposedly the Radeon RX 5300. The

leak appeared in the form of a CompuBench benchmark, by well-known Twitter provider Komachi_Ensaka. The benchmark test dates back to mid-2019 and uses a GPU codenamed AMD 7340: CF. It has all the features of AMD's entry-level Radeon RX 5300 GPU.

Except for two mobile SKUs, Radeon Pro 5300M and Radeon RX 5300M, and a secretly released desktop version, there is not much activity on the 5300 series, but we can look for an additional SKU to complement the Radeon RX 5300 XT OEM desktop. available. . If this is the case, AMD may not release the card as the RX 5300 XT at all, and we may only see it appear in the OEM version at some point in the future.

Based on benchmarks, the AMD 7340: CF appears to be built around the existing RDNA architecture. It has 3GB of GDDR6 memory, 24 compute units (possibly 1536 stream processors), 96 texture units, and an accelerated clock speed of up to 1,900 MHz. We may see the Navi 14 graphics card, which has features like PCIe support. 4.0, 96-bit memory interface, 14 Gbps memory speed, and 168 Gbps memory bandwidth.

Regarding the results, they hinted that the untested AMD Radeon RX 5300 can match the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. It is worth noting that all three benchmarks at the show date back to the end of last summer, which It gave AMD plenty of time to patch the GPU and improve performance. If time is friendly to AMD, then we can see a cheap GPU that will be greatly reduced when it enters the wild.

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