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It has been a long time, but the end of the worm world finally has a brand new patch. In a new blog post on Steam, it was announced that this 21-year-old game will receive various bug fixes and updates.

If you have been a big fan of Worms, now is a good time to return to the game and see all the fixes and improvements.

On the blog, Team17 Digital wrote: "We thank all the hard-working members of the Worms Armageddon community for helping to make this update a reality."

We have compiled some new features and highlights, but you can also watch the announcement below trailer.

has more than 70 new outline options, and you can fully customize your matches in a variety of ways. You will be able to launch more than one weapon in a round and watch the worm bounce off this spot and manipulate the physics. However, this only applies to serious worm gamers. You must first complete the single player mode and unlock Full Wormage to access these new options.

If you have used the RubberWorm module before, you can now access all of these features through the new expansion options star button. Before

, the old version of the worm was limited to about 50 frames per second. In this new patch, you will be able to reproduce the worm at whatever frame rate your hardware supports.

If you've had trouble with resolution changes in the past, this is good news for you. You can now play Worms Armageddon in a window, which is great if you use screen capture software. This can be enabled through the advanced settings menu.

For the presenters among us, another way the situation has improved is that the new streaming mode does not display the IP address when hosting or joining an online game. This is good news for people concerned about privacy.

Now you can also add CPU teams to online games, which will be easily distinguished from player teams. This means you can team up with friends or just watch a relaxing game with the CPU team.

For those who like to save a snapshot of the current map, they can quickly record its damage. When you type / map or press Alt + Pause in game chat, you can save a snapshot of the current state of the map. The

developers work hard to ensure that anyone can play the worm, regardless of the available hardware. In this new update, some adjustments have been made to improve the Windows 10 user experience, and it is now also available on Linux.

An army of volunteer translators helped Worms Armageddon is now fully translated into seven languages: French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and Portuguese. Four other languages are currently being developed.

In the past few years, developers have been working to resolve some bugs that are now resolved with this update. During this update, 370 huge bugs and 45 changes were made to improve the player experience.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Worms, so Team 17 is celebrating a new Worms game, Worms Rumble. In addition, the new Doomsday update is good news for worm fans. Fans can also experience the new worm game: Worms Rumble by registering for the closed beta. However, you must act quickly because it closes at 5:30 PM BST / 6:30 PM CEST.

Are you a big fan of Armageddon? Will you choose the new game Worms Rumble? Let us know what you think below.

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