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Surgical Skillpers of Chinese indie developer announced in Gamescom. We announced the first appearance of the genuine game trailer for the Evelubity Space Shooter limit.

It has been developed for almost three years since I announced in China, but after the emitter flee was depressed up to financial support until the end of the project, the development has recently collected the rhythm.

Limits see five players directly with five teams, while floating through the free space where they burn. The trailer is played by the space station, a distant planet, a space shuttle and satellites as a background for a surprisingly intense shot, supported by the Taanda Orchestra by Joan Strauss. The

players can be injured with the opponent, and you can use the matrix of family weapons, and that you are sailing using family weapons. Surgical scales highlight the aspects of game customization through a modular update system for weapons. In particular, with respect to the movement of the player, by an interesting dynamic, especially for an interesting dynamic, the establishment of obesity is especially fertile, which appears to be controlled by the hand propulsion device. The risk of performing the risk of the player who is covered with each other, with each other, it is not clear, but still exciting. Game

seems incredibly.

reaches the limit and reaches PC and PlayStation 4.

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