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If you think that the end of Black Friday means the end of discounts, you are wrong. Amazon has now transitioned to its 2019 12-day sale. Until December 14th, you will see new deals in multiple categories every day. If you somehow missed the impressive number of transactions during Thanksgiving, you are in luck. The

Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones are available at an impressive 28% discount, and their suggested retail price has dropped from US$177.99 to US$129.00! If you have been looking for the perfect set of headphones to make those busy commutes bearable, then look no further.

Bose is known for its goto brand of excellent audio. In recent years, their foray into noise reduction technology has led to some impressive products, namely the QuietComfort series of headphones and earphones.

Although these headphones can be used with any device, they are designed to work best with Apple products. Bose's active noise reduction technology reduces the noise outside the headphones, allowing you to focus on music. If you need to pay attention to the outside world, Bose provides a convenient "mindfulness mode" that allows you to quickly turn off noise cancellation with the push of a button.

uses the built-in line controller, you can also control music and use the built-in microphone to answer and answer calls quickly. Bose really goes to great lengths to make these headphones as user-friendly as possible. Each unit comes with a suitcase and different sized StayHear + earplugs to ensure a secure fit in either ear.

If you've been paying attention to a pair of noise-canceling headphones now, Bose can't go wrong, especially with these savings. It's not every day that you see the standard selling price of such excellent technology drop by almost $ 50.

It seems like Amazon isn't ready to go down! If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, make sure to keep telling us to find the best price they offer.

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