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How much ram you need for gaming

It all depends on the specifications of your gaming equipment. The first step is to check what your machine is packed under the hood. Don't worry, we have compiled a simple guide with step-by-step instructions to do this.

Once you know the specifications of your PC, you can check the minimum and required system specifications below to make sure it can run Borderlands 3 without problems.

We are also fine-tuning a new software that will make it easier to determine PC specifications. When it has been rigorously tested and fit for purpose, we will provide an update.

Despite its name, Borderlands 3 is the fourth main entry in the acclaimed and disrespectful "Borderlands" series. Known for its unique pseudo-rotating art style, Borderlands can be described as a remote dystopian corner of the universe, especially on the planet Pandora, with ugly, chaotic heads in every corner. Borderlands 3 returns, holding fast to this rich tradition.

Stories Wisely, the player takes on the role of Vault Hunter and takes on the task of stopping the Calypso twins and their evil son from the Vault Sect. The return of RPG elements, the ability to customize playable characters in four different classes through a vast skill tree, perform tasks, and generally collect loot from fallen enemies.

From an appearance point of view, the specifications are reasonable, but Gearbox Software may modify the expected performance to some extent. The GPU is within budget. Even with the GTX 680, Borderlands 3 seems to be able to work normally, but as usual, don't expect 60 FPS on super settings.

Minimum RAM requirements are very high, but are increasing in recent versions. If you still have 4GB, you will be late for the update anyway. The minimum spec

should produce a good 30 FPS at low settings and 1080p, but is expected to drop when the shooting gets chaotic.

As for the recommended specs, 60 FPS at 1440p is a bit ambitious, especially in the case of the GTX 1060, you're lucky to be able to hit 30 FPS. A happy middle ground is 1080p, super settings, and a frame rate close to 4050.

It all depends on the Borderlands 3 experience you can handle without throwing your PC out of the open window out of sheer frustration.

For 1080p, 60 FPS, super settings;

For 1440p, 60 FPS, super settings, we recommend;

If you have any questions, check out our $ 2,000 Recommended Gaming Gear. It only costs a penny, but it guarantees smooth FPS, 1440p or better gaming, and puts it in a good position for the next few years.

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