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How do gaming setups work

How do gaming setups work

Do you obsess over how your gaming setup looks as well as how powerful it is? Do RGB lights get your hot under the collar? Have you lost hours scrolling through Instagram looking for the best setups to drool over?

You’re not alone.

With PC gaming setups for work being so popular now, there are so many different designs out there and so many new and interesting ways that you can customize your own setup.

Below, we’ve gathered our Top 10 gaming setups for 2021, let us know what you think of them in the comments!

Gamer rooms have quickly gathered status in the home, promoting gaming stations from a dusty corner of a bedroom or lounge to fully fledged and styled out setups. Gaming is no longer a past time just for kids, virtual platforms of recreation have became a go-to for all ages–particularly in response to social restrictions brought about during 2021.

Gaming setups are now comfortable, themed, custom lit and immersive, and we’ve put together 40 of our favorite designs to inspire you to upgrade yours. Take a tour through themed desk spaces, simple gaming room decor for the minimalist mindset, multi screen setups, cool headphone stands and acoustic solutions.

To up your game, this bright red Eames style armchair drops in a striking designer statement.

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From an open air living room as a great place on which your children can gather their love gifts, downing beer sours at midnight with friends by video game night; even here there are various options that will help ensure they remain entertained while away!

The digital world has no boundaries. You can travel anywhere you want to in games, so how about a gallery of travel posters to open up your gaming desk space too.

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Desks can run expensive but there are beautiful budget options too. This Ikea trestle desk and swivel chair make a stylish pair that won’t bring the bank. 

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