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You may have seen websites, articles and even game websites about Blu-ray glasses, and the benefits they will bring you if you find yourself drifting in places where the screen time is too long /

As a mobile phone or even an app maker Follow YouTube The transformation of the screen timer and dark mode to reduce the blue light emitted, you are concerned about how you really consider your health, can we really do something by ourselves? The counterargument that

big companies don’t really care about you may be that if they are very concerned about reducing your screen consumption, they will stop sending you push notifications in an attempt to attract you back to their ecosystem, but this is another one. Arguing again.

So where can I buy Blu-ray glasses? Are Blu-ray glasses worth buying? What are blue light glasses? If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, or if you want to know why your eyes are so tired, especially if you increase screen time at different closing times, then you have come to the right place.

Between zoom meetings with colleagues while working from home and bingeing on Netflix while scrolling through TikTok (yes, at the same time), the time spent watching the screen during lockout has not surprisingly increased. A survey by HighSpeedInternet found that in May this year, screen time in the United States increased by 53%. Although screen time is definitely our least worrying issue, spending too much time staring at the screen can have adverse effects, such as poor sleep, increased migraine, eye fatigue and dry eyes.

This is where the Blu-ray glasses come in.

blue light glasses are mainly used to help filter some blue light from the screen. Blu-ray does not only come from the screen, it is actually everywhere, a little bit is good for our consciousness, memory and emotions, but in the current situation, it is obviously difficult to strike a balance between too much and enough. This may be why the demand for these glasses soared during the lockdown. Excessive exposure to unnatural blue light, especially at night, will reduce the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. According to the manufacturer Lumes, the

blue light glasses work by filtering "high-energy blue light frequencies in the visible spectrum."

Despite a lack of actual basic research, there are still ways to prove your Blu-ray lenses are legal. Many of them have blue flashlights, you can use it to illuminate the lens and see if the light is blocked like other uncoated lenses or cannot pass through the lens, which means they are working, Andy Andy Bilinsky, Lensabl, direct a -consumer glasses platform, he told Forbes.

There are many satisfied customers who have benefited from Blu-ray glasses, at least in their own eyes.

Abbey, who is prone to insomnia and the iPhone rolled up at night, told me that research on melatonin and sleep affected her and said they did help regulate her sleep cycle. Gabriella bought a pair of pink shoes on Amazon for $ 9 and her sleep has improved.

Looking for more recommendations. Be sure to read our review of the best

gaming glasses. Another proponent of blue light glasses, Rose told me that they are helpful for migraines and that you tend to get migraines: "I use them frequently. I am prone to migraines. My head hurts and I find them really useful. If I use the computer for a long time or teach at the university, I will use them because I find the light very dazzling. "He even used them to participate in activities!

Is it worth it? The question is not that simple In a review of the blue light glasses, Good Housekeeping stated that experts from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) did not consider it necessary. Although the reviewer found that eye fatigue was reduced after wearing the glasses, the time he spent looking at the screen was also reduced because the glasses can remind him to take a break. AAO stated that keeping the screen within reach, taking frequent breaks and limiting the time spent watching the screen before going to bed is also effective.

Balinsky told Forbes that if you decide to use an anti-reflective coating, it can only block 20-30% of blue light, but you stare at the screen all day, which may not be enough. However, blocking 100% of blue light can also be harmful to the eyes. It may be better to choose some lenses that can block about 80% of the blue light. But pay attention to things that are obviously yellow or orange, especially if you are a designer or someone who needs to look at colors accurately, because they will eventually change the way you see the world (when you wear them), and that's for let's say) , now you can easily find a clear pair.

If you want to buy some, here are 2 packs, which are highly rated on Amazon, but they are very profitable FEIYOLD anti-blue lenses.

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