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Blizzard released a new patch for StarCraft II yesterday. Although the 5.0 PTR patch did not bring too many drastic changes to RTS, it did introduce a new arcade map called "Campaign" and some significant changes to the cooperative mode, including a new prestige system,

. This is new" "Inside Story" campaign. "Custom map type:

The new reputation system added to cooperative missions allows players to complete three 115-level processes per commander. Using a specific commander to activate reputation will unlock unique reputation talents, thereby changing the commander’s core gameplay. Each commander can only be equipped with one talent at any time. Players can restore standard commander equipment without equipping any talents. Players will have 54 new prestige talents to choose from, of which 18 are StarCraft II commanders There are 3 kinds of officials.

The following are some examples of prestige talents:

Blizzard rebalanced the commander to accommodate the new prestige system. You can see the full breakdown in the patch notes here. Patch

also introduces new campaign achievements for each mission in the Wings of Freedom, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops content and expansion packs. Packing all the achievements with a higher difficulty than normal will unlock a special stone announcer: "a ghost of domain with a mysterious past".

Other minor changes include the Versus game "countdown timer", once all players have loaded the game. Hosts can now choose their game server when creating a custom lobby, and the patch includes a new announcer called WhiteRa. Patch 5.0

also brings the major editor enhancements introduced in Patch 4.13 PTR to StarCraft II. Blizzard called them the biggest change in history. The point is to make the experience of using the editor easier. Blizzard borrowed the easy-to-use elements from the Warcraft III editor and integrated them into the StarCraft II editor while expanding the editor's functionality. The complete changes are detailed here.

Perfect update is the usual bug fix. Most of the content involves editor updates, while others involve cooperative missions, battles, and general fixes to resolve "performance issues caused by adding and removing units in a control group with a large number of units."

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