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We look forward to seeing some great Sonos deals this Black Friday, as retailers hope to make up for lost sales time this year. If you know someone who really wants to use connected home audio, some low-end models can make a great gift too. We will pay close attention to all the common retailers to understand the products they offer and we will bring you all the Sonos deals on the aforementioned Black Friday.

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Sonos has a wide variety of speakers and models, from subwoofers, sound bars, regular bookshelf speakers to built-in ceiling speakers, if you want a more serious decor, including home audio.

One of the newest members of the series is the Sonos outdoor speaker, which can seamlessly transmit the audio you connect to outer space. There are many reasons to think that these may decrease seasonally this Black Friday. The

is probably the most popular speaker at the Sonos entry-level price. One speaker is great, combine it with the second for wonderful stereo audio. They usually have Black Friday discounts and bundles, allowing you to buy a pair of

s at a lower price. It also joins the Sonos 2020 Move series, which is almost a portable version of the Sonos One, and you can use it. indoors or outdoors. no matter where your party is (social distancing). We will look for these offers in the box above and present them to you.

We like WePC’s Sonos speakers-we have them in almost every corner of our office, and combined with Spotify, they provide the soundtrack for our workday. Easy to set up and use, with little hassle Sonos speakers are a great choice for Black Friday, so be sure to check the above offers and try them. This is one you won't regret.

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