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At WePC, if we are the masters of understatement, we would say that 2020 is a turbulent year and no one should try to predict anything again.

Therefore, because we like to live on the edge, we took the WePC team to sit at a table far away from social interaction and predict one of the biggest retail events this year: the outcome of Black Friday.

Combined with failed hardware releases, global inventory shortages, and financial insecurity, one idea may be that Black Friday in 2020 will become a huge wet squid.

Retailers such as Amazon and Newegg are eager to take advantage of the surge in online shopping and have been promoting large-scale events that will eventually provide free virtual discounts to everyone this weekend.

Another possibility is that people who are fed up with the lockdown and may have a little extra money in their accounts may be ready for a record-breaking consumer spree on Black Friday. Chapter

Can Consumers Really Buy What They Want To Buy? How will this affect sales of other

products? If someone can't get the graphics card they want for their new PC, will they bother buying the motherboard and memory they still need? Will the expense go elsewhere? Will you save cash for emergencies?

In the last few days, we have conducted a series of Twitter polls to gauge people's emotions, and curriculum standards these days indicate that there is a sense of insecurity in the consumer market.

Key content that we get from surveys Yes:

Good news for brands, some players seem to still plan to splurge, 15% said their budget is over $ 1,000

Since the online retail battlefield is more active this year than ever , many stores start early Discounts to attract customers are a bit of a FOMO fever (fear of missing out).

However, our opinion polls indicate that this strategy may be largely ineffective. 40% of players insist on waiting until the weekend to buy, 25% of them have to wait until Black Friday, and 39% of players want to buy the best. Cyber Monday deals.

There seems to be a mistrust factor, that is, what you buy today may have a greater discount than on Black Friday weekend.

WePC considered these key metrics and dug into our own 2019 alliance sales data, trying to figure out who will be the big winner when the credit card comes out this weekend.

Last Black Friday, we saw a lot of interest in the GPU market. In fact, it generated 24% of WePC Alliance's revenue in November alone.

Using this information, we conducted another survey on Twitter and found that 67% of gamers search for Nvidia GPUs and the remaining 33% search for AMD graphics cards.

Since the inventory of newly released models will not be available for the foreseeable future, we believe that some buyers in the market who buy new graphics cards are likely to try to buy the previous generation GPU.

Does this mean that third-party graphics card makers like EVGA, MSI, ASUS, and XFX may be among the best this year and try to cut down on any existing inventory they may have with a discount or two?

Of course we think so. With the advent of realism, next-gen card inventory is not only hard to come by, it hasn't actually even been manufactured yet; for those who want to upgrade the system, their only option may be to buy cheaper and older card models. , At least during this period.

So you can't get the GPU or CPU you want, but you still have cash to poke a hole in your pocket? Well, you can bank it properly and safely, or you can put it in another large item on the market for updates.

We have the intuition at WePC that on this Black Friday, the screen will become very large. Part of the reason is that they always do well, but 2020 is a good time for them.

People have been staring at the same old screen all year, and when prices drop on Black Friday, they're likely to be tempted to upgrade. Coupled with the fact that the new Xbox and PlayStation look great on 4K monitors, and with the arrival of the Nvidia 30 series GPUs (if you can buy them), 4K gaming is within the reach of more gamers than ever.

At the same time, as 4K technology matures and the price drops dramatically, you can enter the market very reasonably and immediately see the difference in your game settings.

WePC believes that 2020/21 will begin the transition to 4K displays for the masses.

We asked our readers in a survey who they think will get the best screen deals this Black Friday. More than 50% of respondents agreed that they want Amazon to offer the best prices, while Wal-Mart and Ebuyer are very close.

More than 50% of respondents agreed that they expect the most profitable offer to come from Amazon, followed by Wal-Mart and Ebuyer.

2020 is a year in which we have discovered very clearly that not all chairs are the same. When we started working from home during several blackout periods, it became clear that the cheap office chairs we bought from IKEA three years ago in 10 minutes will not shorten the time.

The chair is really comfortable for a long time. The

gaming chair doesn't come cheap, but it's also not a good mattress, both of which are essential for long-term comfort. Over the past 12 months, we've seen a significant increase in gaming chair sales through WePC, and we strongly believe that many people have been waiting for the Black Friday deals before the crash.

This is a major furniture update that may narrow your audience due to the name, market positioning and great design, but as the market adapts to everyone we now see many different styles, tastes, sizes and preferences . No longer stuck with the prospect of lime green and red racing style chairs. We've even started to see specific game designs for large-scale games like World of Warcraft being marketed.

In addition to GPUs and monitors, WePC staff unanimously agreed that Gaming Chairs will usher in a huge Black Friday. The pre-sales we've seen from Secretlab partners have proven it, and they recently launched their own Black Friday sale.

Chair Type


Max Load


Gross Weight


Seat Height

460mm - 555mm

Buy from Amazon

We have determined that you cannot buy a new GPU, but not even a CPU can afford it if it's pre-installed Can you get one on the PC? The

WePC team secretly suspects that the pre-built PC brand may have acquired an inventory of new GPUs and CPUs in order to launch new machines. This may be the only way to master new technologies in the months to come!

PC gamers will be forced to buy these complete systems, and then they can sell some other components, and they will only be left with rare components.

Of course, if we are wrong (and this rarely happens!), prefab manufacturers may have real problems this Black Friday, and people have to decide whether to spend a lot of money on the system. As far as the game is concerned, it is very likely Obsolete in a few weeks or months. This is slightly different from risking a few hundred dollars on an older GPU.

This is an area that we will pay close attention to. Prefab PCs accounted for a huge amount of revenue for Black Friday in 2019, and this will be replicated or reduced altogether. This is an interesting category that deserves attention.

So far, we have discussed high-priced, high-value items, but many Black Friday purchases have focused on essential peripherals. This is a good time to see substantial discounts on headsets, keyboards and mice throughout the year, especially in the more expensive variety of games. Our team is particularly interested in the performance of the

headset on Friday.

Due to the pandemic, plug-in headsets are not only suitable for call centers, busy reception rooms or game players. This device has become an important part of ensuring productivity during voice and video calls; no one will judge you for wearing a gaming headset.

There are many studies that show the same thing: Homework will increase. In fact, nine out of ten people want to continue WFH and estimate that by the end of 2021, 2530% of the total workforce will choose to do this for more than a few days, and you can choose a headset that is not just for work, but sounds great in games It is also a reward, especially when you add a Black Friday discount.

We conducted another survey and found that many readers have disagreements about the favorite brands they want to buy. The difference in preference between Razer (31%), Logitech (30%) and Logitech (30%) is only 4% . Sai Rui. (28%).

Perhaps surprisingly, the pirate ship subsequently fell, and only 12% of people said they were looking for peripherals this Black Friday.

Like monitors, notebook computers are another traditional area where prices have fallen sharply. In recent years, the gaming market has always been a niche market, and the cost of entry has discouraged many gamers.

Although many people prefer to build their own PCs, is the lack of key components this year likely to prompt people to switch to gaming options they have never considered before? We think you can.

The need for flexibility and mobility will become more apparent in 2020, which means that gaming laptops have become very popular. However, unlike gamers, newcomers entering this market do not know what to look for when buying the perfect multidimensional laptop. 64% of casual gamers play games for up to 10 hours a week, and more than 82% say that games have a positive impact on mental health, so among employees looking for gaming laptops to support their growing hobbies and new lifestyles There is a clear correlation.

In 2019, gaming laptops are very popular on WePC on Black Friday, and we think they will be even more popular this year. Some cheap price cuts may be good for them.

As AMD's new series of CPUs are sweeping the market, but it is difficult to obtain, we expect AMD Zen 2 chips will be significantly reduced in price, and these chips will continue to be popular with gamers around the world.

Having said that, our Twitter poll shows that approximately 54% of readers want to buy Intel CPUs on Black Friday, while 46% of readers want to buy AMD.

Become an interesting person. Once the dust settles, we'll dig up all the data from this crazy year and report who the big winners and big losers are.

In the comments below, feel free to tell us who you think will have a good Black Friday and which brands will suffer losses.

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