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Some time ago we heard that Bioware is still working on Anthem, and there will be a major update at some point in the future, hoping to solve many of the main problems of the game. It looks like this may happen sooner or later, because Bioware has described their goals for the next major update on their blog. Chapter

The game sold well from the beginning, and then players abandoned it in record time because it was basically not a particularly interesting game, there were some serious design and technical issues, and it seemed to be for content Designed for drip irrigation. Materialized.

We have seen other games rebound from unstable releases and successfully win back the hearts of gamers, but this seems to be an uphill battle for EA and Bioware. Games like "No Man's Sky", "Rainbow Six: Siege" and "Final Fantasy 14" have managed to overcome negative emotions, technical flaws and design problems, and have finally become successful games with a large number of satisfied players. Can Anthem achieve the same technique? Only time will give the answer. Those other examples are cool games with some shortcomings that can be fixed. Anthem is not an inherently interesting game, and most of the criticism against it has focused on the tedium and replay of the game, which can be a more difficult challenge to solve.

Many people, including myself, think that EA can simply cut losses and leave Anthem. Once it's clear that after the initial strong sales, it won't be a sustainable success, but you can continue to sustain life instead of immediately disconnecting. pay off in the long run. The merit of EA is that, at least in this case, they gave the problem game a second chance.

Anthem is a bit different from the types of games that people often associate with Bioware. It still has some kind of narrative-centric RPG as its foundation, everything else is built on top of it, but the gameplay all the time is more like an action game. You drive the mech and perform various tasks throughout the story event. You can fly around a beautiful word, then shoot and hit some bad guys, then fly a little more on your mech, then shoot and hit more bad guys, and some cutscenes. It has been widely criticized for its repetitiveness, and they hope to find a solution in the future.

Earlier this year, we heard that there is currently a team of 30 people working in Anthem. This is a very small team to develop a game of this size, which suggests that they may be more focused on the easywin settings they can manage without having to do more work. I don't want to see a full review of the underlying system, but there may be some balancing and re-adjustment of the existing system.

hinted at this in the latest Bioware blog post discussing the future of Anthem, where they announced plans to adjust the loot system with the stated goal of reducing the time equipment and items you need to polish by increasing the speed at which you can earn new rewards, and Reduce reliance on completely random rewards.

They also redesigned several aspects related to combat:

"In addition to the loot and equipment, the feel and element types we support have some very good improvements. Overall, the gunfight response is better, and the enemy almost immediately responds to it. Respond to hits, and through improved predictions from the client, we are studying the role of melee elements and constructions. Of course, we can spend skill points to unlock new types of equipment and synergy. The one thing that excites me the most is to see All the amazing new weapon concepts based on our faction. "

These are deeply wounded band-aids. The game needs more important work to truly reach its potential. However, these will be welcome changes. Hope anyone is still playing it. Everyone will be welcomed, may persuade some players to re-use it, and may even attract some players who have not tried it.

They can take some other measures to improve their chances of attracting players. EA released its game on Steam for the first time and achieved a certain degree of success. Among them, "Titanfall 2" was very popular. Anthem is not yet available on Steam, so launching it there will increase its chances of attracting a large number of players. You can also choose to play a free game. Over the years, the game has received such a large discount, so the best chance to build it now and succeed may be to cancel the initial fee and try to get as many as possible. As many people as possible Come and try, I hope this will result in a net increase in income because people spend money to gamble.

We will have to wait to see what EA and Bioware's future plans for Anthem are, but I certainly don't think we will see Anthem 2 anytime soon.

Although Bioware has begun to share the details of what the next Anthem patch will contain, they are still shy about the release schedule, without an official release date, or even a vague roadmap. They may be very cautious and want to be absolutely sure the update is ready before publicly discussing the release schedule. Or they are just not sure how long the job will take. Either way, we'll pay close attention to any new development in Anthem when it happens. Chapter

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