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Biostar Taiwanese companies perform a CPU of 10thgen Comet Lago that two new Z490 base plates are available immediately.

Razing Z490GTA and Racing Z490GTN, and new lineups create a premium set for those who want to change the existing "elegant racing DNA" and jump to the last Intel chip.

By maintaining a new Z490 chipset, both the Biostar's Racing Z490GTA and the Board of Racing Z490GTN use the new Intel LGA 200 socket to meet the highest power requirements of the CPU. Biostar is designed to provide a "Blazingfast reinforcement speed" that includes a Supeheart pWN to provide a fixed voltage to provide a fixed voltage for the stable power supply.

Other shared features, armored racing brand design, resistant power connector, super right inductor, EZ mode BIOS mode interface, PCI M.2, LED LED LED LED LED DJ Software and Customization RGB , LED Software DJ LED and additional lights in the form of RGB 12V. LED header and LED header 5V ArgB. Other shared features include Wi-Fi 6 and Intel GBE LAN.

Looking at the details, the Z490GTA cart is an ATX form factor motherboard that supports up to 128 GB of RAM with four DIMMs with two PCIe. Racing Z490GTN complies with miniitx size parameters without sacrificing performance with up to 64 GB RAM through two DIMMs and a PCIe. Both RAM arrangements provide overclocking possibilities at an increase clock speed up to 4400 MHz.

The I / O configuration is slightly different in two models that provide many ports for factors in a larger way, including DisplayPort and the shields of I / s formed, using the Z490GTA races. However, both have four Gen1 USB 3.2, HDMI and normal headphone / microphone entry matrices.

Racing Z490GTA and the Z490GTN racing motherboard claim that there are two of the best in the pinch of salt, but it has clearly sent a welcome feature of the giraffe. Not only players but also creators and content experts. Biostar has launched a five-year warranty for those who create purchases on the VIP website of the company.

Biostar says that both Z490GTA careers and Z490GTN careers are currently available on the official site. The base plates will be available from May 20.

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