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We saw "DOOM Eternal" for the first time at E3 last year. This time Bethesda used its annual conference call to announce the release date and two new trailers for the next iteration of the iconic bloody shooter. "DOOM Eternal" will land on November 22, 2019, which means we don’t have to wait too long to reproduce everyone’s favorite demon killer character.

DOOM Eternal is a continuation of DOOM's restart in 2016. After a long interruption, it attracted hordes of fans and won numerous praises from the game media. The story trailer released on E3 provided insight into the narrative with strong religious symbolism, almost Gothic scenes and terrifying voice-overs. This story fits the usual DOOM premise, because the mission of the DOOM Slayer is to save mankind by repelling the hell forces that are trying to invade the earth. He's the only thing she can do, so she has no choice but to stand up.

Gory, violent and unexpected guitar improvisations abound in the real DOOM style. Bethesda said: "Players must master the deadly combination of raw firepower, rapid movement, aggressive resource management and old-fashioned instincts in demanding DOOM Eternal encounters."

The second trailer shows the multiplayer game DOOM Eternal. Element, this is a mode called Battlemode. There will be three players competing in each game; one is DOOM Slayer and the other two are demons of his choice. There are a variety of demons to choose from, with different movement mechanisms, attacks, and abilities, as well as AI demons that can be summoned. The demons must coordinate their attacks to knock down Slayer players who have many advantages.

Bethesda also revealed the details of "DOOM Eternal Collector's Edition", which includes a full-size wearable DOOM Slayer helmet, ID Software history books, "Silver Power Gifts" lithographs, exclusive steel books and band lossless sound effects. There is also a one-year pass with access to two story-based expansions, a demon killer skin and a classic weapon sound pack in digital form.

DOOM Eternal is about to land on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Google Stadia.

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