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X Rocking Chair was one of the first gaming chair brands that I came to know about many years ago. In fact, there is a point where I bought a second-hand one and modified it with a bass vibrator, made the arm out of plywood and installed my Saitek HOTAS there, and played it in virtual reality without interruption for more than a year of Elite. Danger, every warp motor passes through my kidneys from the speakers I installed in the back of the seat.

I like it, its base is comfortable and strong, which suits my needs very well. However, it is not suitable for normal PC games where my desk is too low, which is why it is currently in my 9-year-old son's room, where it is still used for his usual FIFA 21 and Fortnite activities. This is the advantage and disadvantage of the

X Rocker chair. They are obviously more suitable for console games, and they do well. We also know that many of our readers play games on the console, so let’s see if you haven’t found an OG gaming chair from a seat manufacturer in your home.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

This X Rocker base gaming chair is one of the best in its class. It has the characteristics of enhancing a more comfortable experience, wireless audio settings and a variety of color options.

If you have a small or large frame and the design is sublime, this is a good choice. This console gaming chair is very comfortable and has wireless audio settings compatible with all current generation consoles. This may cost a penny, but for the best console gaming chairs, it is well worth it.

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This X Rocker floor rocking gaming chair is a very comfortable seat with many of the same features as our best X Rocker gaming chair mentioned above.

This chair is made of high-quality materials and is also equipped with wireless audio, allowing you to be more immersed in the game.


Ace Bayou’s X Rocker on Amazon is an affordable joystick that allows you to fully immerse yourself in games, movies, music, and TV. This leather recliner rocks back and forth and is very comfortable.

Rockers is a classic gaming chair for game consoles. To be fair, the PC is not that important, and this model is no exception. As well as being very affordable, this chair also allows you to fully immerse yourself in whatever game you play, and the swing feature is highly addictive.

Buying Amazon

is important to realize that you are going to buy a piece of furniture with the hope of using it for many years to come and, more importantly, when you sit in front of the computer, it gives you some degree of comfort. that you may have previously No. Therefore, please note the following before clicking "Buy". Price

The cost of

gaming chairs can vary greatly. Big name companies will charge higher fees for their products, but this is for a reason. Usually the quality of the materials used is much higher, so cheap manufacturers can slash prices. This adjustment also reduces comfort. Excluding the additional support cushions, the quality of the foam used in the seat and back parts will not be as high and you may lose shape faster than you want. The seat itself may not tilt or even feel less solid.

What we're saying is that we certainly don't always recommend that you buy higher priced items, but when it comes to gaming chairs, you generally get what you pay for. It all depends on how happy you are to commit.


In recent years, the massive gamification of gaming chairs has certainly changed. We are no longer just different bright green chairs with an orange streak to them, but now you can get high-quality gaming chairs that won't look out of place in any corner of your home. You must decide whether you want a larger upholstered "boss" office chair or stick with the racing style that has been so popular in recent years. It's also worth considering that you can redecorate your chair before the end of its useful life, so bright yellow racing chairs may not be suitable in the future.

Compared to traditional office chairs or computer chairs, the weight limit of most gaming chairs is not a problem. This is because these chairs already rest on the ground, so they are unlikely to collapse if they have a sturdy frame.

The only real exceptions to these rules are Intex inflatable chairs and X rocker bottom seats. The weight limit of an inflatable chair is much stricter, because if you exceed it, you are at risk of bursting, while the base of the other chair may fall off on its own if you are too stressed for too long.

However, with the exception of those chairs, you may weigh more than 350 pounds and use these chairs on the floor. They should also be quite comfortable, but if it is particularly wide, you can also check the measurement. The

feature is another good thing, but the main problem here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people want gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If you're interested in this and don't mind a few extra setup steps, you should probably opt in.

If you're not interested, don't waste your money. Instead, focus on buying comfortable chairs.

Load Capacity

350 lbs.

Sound Compatibility

Wired and Wireless Audio 2.1

Additional Features

Speakers and Subwoofer

Amazon Store

The color options can choose the default black and platinum color options

. Disadvantages

is not cheap for the

rocking chair. The base will wear out over time, making it an ordinary console floor gaming chair.

X Rocker 51386 is the main feature of many gaming chairs. The best choice for lovers, thanks to its outstanding feature set and comfort.

First, let's talk about what makes it different: the base. Larger or taller players may not like to sit on a chair that is basically on the floor, and the base design makes this chair more comfortable for most people.

In addition, it prevents people from putting their feet directly on the ground and bending their knees, which may be uncomfortable for some people. The second thing that makes

different is that it supports wireless audio. This wireless audio is compatible with all current consoles, and for older devices, it also has all the wiring needed to ensure that your chair is compatible.

This X Rocker Pedestal Chair adds convenience and comfort, and is one of our top choices for the best console gaming chairs. However, it does have a key disadvantage: price.

At up to $150 (or more, depending on the price fluctuations when you read this article), it is definitely one of the most expensive options.

However, if you can afford the price, this is one of the best options you can choose.

Load capacity

350 pounds (estimated)

Sound compatibility

Wired and wireless audio 2.1

Additional features

Speakers and subwoofer


PROS on Amazon

High level of comfort and high-quality gaming audio 44 Audio 44 Audio Immersive games run a bunch of cables

console gaming chair's large weight capacity


quite high price

X Rocker gaming chair usually sells for US$150 and US$200, and provides very reliable console games when you use it Chair experience.

At first glance, it may look like any other gaming chair you have used. However, where it starts to stand out is its wireless game audio feature, which allows you to configure your audio quickly and easily with any modern game console.

In addition to wireless audio, it also provides wired support, if your sound settings or lastgen console does not support your wireless audio technology.

From most reviews, this chair seems to provide a high level of comfort and is made of high-quality materials. A broader complaint from players is the handrails, but these can be easily removed if necessary.

For a solid and fair console gaming chair experience, this X Rocker gaming chair is one of our top picks. However, he was hidden by his older brother.

Chair type

Rocking chair

Maximum load

125 kg

Gross weight

20 kg

Seat height

N / A




44 44 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Moshi is not suitable for PC games. The

X joystick is well known in the Xbox and Playstation fields, with Speakers and Controls providing great comfort, making it a very attractive option for more than just gaming.

The frame of this leather recliner rocks, making it perfect for playing games, watching TV, reading, or even just relaxing. The plush leather and comfortable shape are very comfortable, very suitable for long games or movies. The headrest extends from the backrest to provide you with built-in neck support, and its ergonomic shape makes it suitable for many different body types.

It may have a very simple design, but I think the low-key appearance is always smart when dealing with leather. This chair provides an excellent immersive alternative to TV audio playback, with two speakers in the headrest and a 4-inch subwoofer on the back.

Although they say it is compatible with most game consoles, you may need to purchase an HDMI v1.4 audio ripper to use it with your Xbox

. However, it works on PS4 and older game consoles, and when your price is so low, it's a small compromise.

For us, a good gaming chair is completely a necessity. Several key areas can be used to determine the right candidate. The following is a list of areas that we consider the most important when choosing a high-quality chair:

In the end, if the chair you are buying meets some of these key criteria, then it is likely to be the winner. However, finding a chair with all these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, which means you have to spend unlimited time researching many different options.

This is where WePC enters the equation. Our team of computer enthusiasts research and test the best hardware deals on the market every day and focus their energy on this guide to find the best gaming chair.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I have a soft spot for X Rocker chairs, but when recommending them for PC games, I have to admit failure. They are just not suitable for keyboard and mouse positioning. If you persist for a long time, you will usually end up hurting yourself. However, what they are good at is playing games on consoles or watching movies in your room. They are very comfortable, usually with built-in speakers, and feel like a tank in construction. They are really heavy, so be careful.

If you have an X Rocker position in your life, you will like any model here. Just don't expect it to adapt

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