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Given the not-so-great release of the title, Fallout 76 was originally scheduled to appear during Bethesda's E3 2019 conference. Bethesda provides many new features that will enter the poorly designed multiplayer survival game called "Wastelander" in a large-scale update, which should see the light in this fall.

First, Fallout 76 is decorating NPCs with branch dialogue trees and background stories to unfold their often empty world. To explain the sudden appearance of NPCs in Fallout Legends, Bethesda designed the Wastelander update one year after Vault 76 opened. NPCs are nomadic settlers and predators. They chose to call Appalachia their new home because of rumors that there is a lucrative treasure hidden in the territory of Virginia. The

update includes a new main mission, based on this new population influx, focusing on the choices and consequences that determine the fate of NPCs. As always, Wastelanders also brings new firepower and armor to decorate your character, new events, and new features that have not been detailed.

Bethesda did not stop there, but joined the wave of announcing nuclear winter, which is Fallout 76's new battle royale mode. Nuclear Winter saw 52 players vying to become the next overseer of Refuge 51 as they compete with creatures in the wasteland and all other creatures. BR’s familiar ring of fire is here. As always, the last person standing wins. The

mode has the ability to upgrade, unlock privileges, set up camps, and of course, it can also activate large nuclear weapons that carry most of the content defined by the basic game, including power armor. I don’t know if there will be a duo or team competition in Nuclear Winter. For more detailed information, you can view the full classification on the Bethesda website.

Unless it becomes a free game, given the declining sales and growing interest in the game, it will be a wise move. Bethesda will try Fallout 76 for free on all platforms from June 10th to 17th, namely PC , PS4 and Xbox One. Lure the player back.

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